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If a download link is dead, please comment on the show's post and I'll re-up it for you!

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Metal Bootleg Facebook Group

Join my Facebook Group for like minded metal traders! You just have to answer 3 quick questions in order to join!

Not into Facebook? That is ok, I have a DISCORD SERVER as well!

Metal Bootleg Downloads

If you have any other websites, trackers or hubs to add that have LOSSLESS metal bootlegs please contact me! Sites must be free and not require someone to purchase an account, click a bunch of shit, or anything else annoying.

» The Trader's Den
» Guitars101
» Eddie's Legacy DC++ Hub
» Jump In The Fire
» Zomb Tracker
» Heavy Metal Rarities
» Seid Bereit
» Rammstein Audio
» Metal Paradise
» Bootlegs, ROIOs, etc.
» Audio Bootleg Union
» Video Bootleg Union
» Forum
» RATM Live
» Purple Hippies
» Hollowmoons Recordings
» Deep Purple Hub
» Dream Theater Hub
» Echoes Hub
» Tool Drive Project
» Nine Inch Nails Live
» Linkin Park Live

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