VideoCD/VCD: Bootleg Terms

VideoCD/VCD: Bootleg Terms


VCD’s are one of the oldest digital video disc formats. It was commonly used by the trading scene in the late 90s and early 2000s. This format uses MPEG1 video codec and MP2 audio codec (224kbps). The resolution for PAL (25fps) is 352×288 and 352×240 for NTSC (29.97 fps), the aspect ratio is always 4:3. Due to it’s small resolution it’s not really detailed & known as the digital equivalent of VHS in both resolution and quality.

A VCD disc can be played on a standalone DVD player.

Misconception And Wrong Naming In The Trading Scene:

Rooting from the early times when DVDs became more accessible to traders, the VCDs became obsolete. Then people commonly started calling everything as VCD that is not a DVD. Marking them as “inferior quality“, which is not true in many cases. Incorrectly everything was called a VCD when it was not a DVD, such as DIVX/XVID, MP4, WMV/ASF and many other formats. So basically those can’t be (S)VCDs since their properties aren’t matching neither by codec nor resolution and file/folder structure.

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