About Metal Bootlegs

About Metal Bootlegs

Given the fact that there seems to be no one place to find Metal Bootleg information such as setlists, covers, tour dates & the like I decided to create a website that included these things and more! It is my hope that this site will flourish & grow over time.

Everyone is encouraged to make a comment on any post! Comments are moderated. Please read more about the comment guidelines.

If you find any broken links please report them and let me know.

About Me, Who Am I?

I have traded bootlegs off and on for around 20 years. I trade mainly metal & industrial bands such as Rammstein, Slipknot, Behemoth, King Diamond, Mercyful Fate, Opeth, Marilyn Manson & Tool for starters. You may have seen a post of mine on a trading forum or website as I post in most places as HerzeleidMeister. I also have other accounts on other sites under Herzeleid666 (DIME) or Herz666. Previously I was known as MaidenMadMan.

What Bootleg Information Does The Site Have?

Metal Bootlegs has lossless audio/video downloads, setlists, covers, bootleg trader’s dictionary, quick band bios, complete band/artists tour dates and bootleg trading tutorials & articles.

I’ll break it down below what each area has and what to expect from this site.

1. Metal Bootleg Lossless Audio & Video Downloads:

  • LOSSLESS audio downloads. No MP3 or MP3 sourced shit here. Most audio shows will be in FLAC or SHN and will come with a frequency & spectral analysis.
  • LOSSLESS video downloads. If I can help it no VCD or YouTube sourced shows unless there is no other known source. If a video show is VCD/YT sourced it will be indicated on the download page for that show. Most video shows will be in HD (MKV, MP4), DVD or BLU-RAY format. I will try my best to not upload things that are lossy sourced if I can, but I cannot make any promises as some may slip by.
  • I will probably post at least 1 BLU-RAY a month. At least that is the plan currently. If that changes I’ll note it here. This post link will only last for the entirety of that month and there will be no re-ups for these shows. If you missed the show feel free to contact me for a trade instead.
  • All shows will have an info file with the band name, date, venue, city, country, setlist, taper/filmer & lineage if I have it.
  • All shows will have a checksum file so you can verify it.

2. Metal Bootleg Setlists:

  • Setlists will contain the band/artists name, date, venue/festival, city, state, country, setlist, taper/filmer (if applicable), format, source, file size & duration if I have that info.
  • Setlists are checked when I can to ensure if they are accurate, although I do encourage readers to make a comment on the setlist with corrections if there are any.
  • As I get more setlists added I will offer a zip file of setlists for each band as a download probably using MEGA. I won’t implement this until I have quite a collection of them on here or as I get many setlists from a band.
  • Anyone can submit a setlist or a zip file of setlists on my Setlist Submission page. Those who submit setlists can have their name/nickname & link to their trade page/list on the page the setlist is on.
  • Most video setlists will have screen shots of the actual show. For information on why I do that go here and see!

3. Metal Bootleg Covers:

  • Audio metal bootleg covers will always come with a front & back cover. I do not plan on having incomplete covers on the site if I can help it.
  • Video metal bootleg covers will come as one cover with the front & back. Video covers will include DVD, HD & BLU-RAY shows.
  • When I can I will try to upload the largest, best quality covers I can find to the site.
  • All cover pages have basic show information like band name, date, venue/festival, city, state, country, cover artists (if applicable) & sometimes basic notes about the cover or show.
  • Anyone can submit covers for the site on my Covers Submissions page. Those who submit covers can get their name/nickname on the page with the link to their trade site/list.

4. Bootleg Trader’s Dictionary:

  • The Bootleg Trader’s Dictionary has over 150 terms related to bootleg trading. It is a work in progress so I’m adding definitions as I can. This dictionary is designed to help trader’s navigate terms that may be alien to them when first getting started.
  • Terms are on individual pages. Along with the terms there is helpful information that is bootleg trade related.
  • Anyone can submit a new term, definition or a correction to the dictionary on my Bootleg Trader’s Dictionary Submissions page. Those who submit terms, definitions & corrections can get their name/nickname & trade site/list link added to the term.

5. Quick Band Bio’s:

  • These quick band bios are designed to give some really basic info about the bands. I’ll add to these as I add new setlists for a band/artists.
  • Information contained in a band bio includes genre, what year they were formed, where they originated from (what city/country), the current status (active/not active), years active, band members & what instrument they play, discography & a couple of quick popular facts to know about them.

6. Complete Band/Artists Tour Dates:

  • The tour date pages include complete tour dates, meaning all the dates the band has ever played. In some instances it may be really hard to find the info so I’ll include as many of them as I can find.
  • Tour dates will include the full date, venue, city, state & country of the show.
  • When possible, if I have the information, I’ll include info on dates that were canceled and/or rescheduled.
  • Anyone can add tour dates of a band/artist to the site by using my Tour Dates Submission page. Those who submit tour dates can get their name/nickname & trade site/list link added to the corresponding tour date page.

7. Bootleg Tutorials & Articles:

  • Tutorials & articles will house pertinent information for trading bootlegs. There are easy to follow how-to’s & information that you may not get at other places.
  • I encourage anyone to submit tutorials or articles for the site. If you are interested just contact me!

I hope that you find this site useful. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.