About Metal Bootlegs


After going through a few growing pains and site reconstructions, I have settled on this layout & theme.

What is Metal Bootlegs Live Archives & Resources?

Metal Bootlegs is a comprehensive website to help other bootleg traders with information, simple guides, and articles aimed at seasoned traders as well as newbies.

On this site you will find the following:

  • Live Show Listings: These pages will serve as a complete metal bootleg archive of all of the metal genres & bands. Included is pertinent information such as setlists, dates, locations, events, band line-up at the time of the show, and other useful information about file size, length, tapers & filmers. Also, whenever possible this section will have audio & video downloads of the shows.
  • Known Bootlegs: Known bootlegs lists are lists of the shows that are known to be out there somewhere. As this grows there will hopefully be lists from every band featured here on Metal Bootlegs.
  • Fake Bootlegs: As many of your probably know there are some shows out there that the majority of the trading community deems as “fake” bootlegs. I plan on trying to gather as much info as I can about the fakes and listing them here by band.
  • Tour Dates: Tour dates are an important part of bootleg trades. They are a great reference to look up dates for certain bands & shows and confirm that the information you have for your show is correct. Tour Dates maybe “loosely” updated as there is time.
  • Bootleg Reviews: Reviews can be an important part of trades if you are seeking shows with the best quality in mind. The reviews area will feature reviews from other traders on many shows in circulation today.
  • Bootleg Terms: This area was known as the “Trader’s Dictionary” before on the site. This section outlines various terms used in bootleg trading.
  • Bootleg Articles: Various articles are posted to help new & old traders alike.
  • Bootleg Tutorials: Simple, easy to follow tutorials will be posted here regularly.

How Can I Help?

As you have probably guessed by now this is a pretty large undertaking in the works. The areas I’ll need help in will be listing shows in the archives, adding tour dates, submitting reviews, adding known bootlegs lists & fake bootlegs lists. If you have information, reviews, articles, tutorials, tour dates, known bootlegs, fake bootlegs, live shows for the archive or any media such as posters, ticket stubs etc, please contact me!