Reference List For USA State Abbreviations

Reference List For USA State Abbreviations

Over the years I have noticed that sometimes states, countries & cities get really mixed up on some trader’s lists. For obvious reasons if you do not live in that particular country you may have some trouble with this aspect of listing shows. This reference list is here to help you match the US states with the proper abbreviations.




Alabama: AL
Alaska: AK
Arizona: AZ
Arkansas: AR
California: CA
Colorado: CO
Connecticut: CT
Delaware: DE
Florida: FL
Georgia: GA
Hawaii: HI
Idaho: ID
Illinois: IL
Indiana: IN
Iowa: IA
Kansas: KS
Kentucky: KY
Louisiana: LA
Maine: ME
Maryland: MD
Massachusetts: MA
Michigan: MI
Minnesota: MN
Mississippi: MS
Missouri: MO
Montana: MT
Nebraska: NE
Nevada: NV
New Hampshire: NH
New Jersey: NJ
New Mexico: NM
New York: NY
North Carolina: NC
North Dakota: ND
Ohio: OH
Oklahoma: OK
Oregon: OR
Pennsylvania: PA
Rhode Island: RI
South Carolina: SC
South Dakota: SD
Tennessee: TN
Texas: TX
Utah: UT
Vermont: VT
Virginia: VA
Washington: WA

 Washington District Of Colombia: Washington DC (Technically Washington DC is NOT a state. Its a district. There is some talk recently given the January 6th insurrection that in order to be fully protected Washington DC should be made into its own state. They are still talking about this and have not done it yet. Also don’t confuse Washington DC with Washington [WA] state. They are on opposite sides of the country.)

West Virginia: WV
Wisconsin: WI
Wyoming: WY


1. I’ve seen quite a bit of confusion over the city Los Angeles as opposed to the state Louisiana. Los Angeles is abbreviated as “LA” just like Louisiana so its not surprising that this happens. Some things to keep in mind when trying to decide if the show is in Los Angeles or Louisiana. Typical cities in Louisiana that have concerts are New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Lake Charles & Shreveport. So if the show is listed with one of these cities, its in the state of Louisiana (LA). For clarity its New Orleans, LA and so on. If the show is listed as “CA” or California then its most likely from Los Angeles.

Reference List For USA State Abbreviations

Florida (shown at top in the yellow circle), Puerto Rico (shown in the blue circle) & Mexico is to the west.

2. Puerto Rico is NOT in Mexico!!! I’ve seen this on SEVERAL lists. Puerto Rico is a sovereign state of the United States and is located on the opposite side of North America. Puerto Rico is directly below Florida in the US. An example of listing a show from Puerto Rico would be San Juan, PR. San Juan is the capital city of Puerto Rico.

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