Snail Mail/Postal Mail: Bootleg Terms

Snail Mail/Postal Mail: Bootleg Terms

Snail Mail/Postal Mail:

Snail Mail refers to trading via postal mail. Back many years ago it was quite popular to trade physical CDR’S & DVD’S through postal mail. Its not unlike trading today. Traders exchange a wants list and decide who sends first and thus the trade starts. You spent time burning out discs for the other trader and then packaged them up into CD Sleeves & Bubble Mailers to send off to the other trader. Snail Mail is considered a form of offline trading.

Some forms of Snail Mail trading are B&P, 2:1 & Vines!

HerzeleidMeister is a metal bootleg trader from Little Rock, Arkansas who has traded off and on for over 20 years. He enjoys sharing his knowledge & insights with other traders to help them with any trading hurdles they may have.

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