How Can I Tell If A Video Is AUD Or PRO?

How Can I Tell If A Video Is AUD Or PRO?

What are the differences between audience & pro shot shows?

AUDIENCE SHOT: A fan made audience version will sometimes be shaky, bouncy and/or blurry. Many times you get shots of hands/heads and sometimes the band is not even in the frame at all. Audience shows vary in sound. Some are really great because some filmers carry a separate recorder just for audio that they can sync up later when mastering the video, some are so-so & some are just bad.


Behemoth – Live in Bogota, Colombia (FULL SET) – Nov 27th, 2022

In this first example the camera work is not terribly bad for an AUD shot show. You do see some heads, hands etc, but the sound is pretty good & the overall filming is not bad.

SLIPKNOT live @ Isleta Amphitheater in Albuquerque NM 10/1/22

Then you have audience shows similar to this. The sound is distorted, the camera work is really shaky for a bit because the filmer got caught in the pit.

PRO SHOT: There are some great audience shots out that that you have to really assess the quality and camera angles to see if its a PRO or AUD shot show. Most of the time a PRO shot show will have multiple camera angles, you will notice that usually the video is pretty steady & clear. Another tale tale sign of a PRO shot will be any type of insignia from the TV show or channel that may be visible on the screen. Some channel examples of this are WDR:Rockpalast & ARTE Concert. Unlike an audience version the sound will usually be crisp and originate from a soundboard. PRO shots also have great close ups you usually will not find in an audience shot show.

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