Some Site Changes!

Some Site Changes | Metal Bootleg Resources

Site Changes Pending!

This site will be going through some changes in the coming weeks. In order to focus more on getting bootleg trading information out there, I’m forced to make some harsh changes to the website. It is my hope that I can provide information for metal trader’s all in one place that will help you with your trades & hopefully answer your questions.

First Change:

Many of you probably will not like this one, but I’m removing the downloads section. It’s simply too hard to keep up with. I don’t have the time or money to invest in online cloud storage for it. The downloads section has always seemed to take away from the focus on what I really want this site to be about. My main goal with this site is to bring new & old traders information & tutorials for this great hobby!

Second Change:

I will be removing the band bios as you can readily find this information anywhere on the net. I want this site to be unique to metal bootleg traders as much as possible. Again this is a lot of work and research to add these, so this will free up my time to create some tutorials & articles to help you in your trades.


I hope that everyone had a great holiday & is doing well with everything that is going on in the world these days! Thanks for reading!

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