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Snail Mail

Definition For Snail Mail

Snail Mail: When a trader refers to Snail Mail trading they are talking about trading via postal mail. Typically in this type of offline trade you make an agreement with the other trader and decide who will send first or if you send at the same time. Who sends first for most traders depends largely on whether or not you have traded with them in the past. The best way to find out what a trader would do in various situations is to read their trade rules.

Helpful Tips For Snail Mail Trading

  • ALWAYS read the other trader’s rules & follow them.
  • NEVER burn a CDR, DVD or Blu-Ray TAO or Track At Once.
  • Always keep in touch during the trade process. Communication is key to avoiding misunderstandings.
  • Always place your discs in a padded bubble mailer envelope.
  • Use CD Sleeves or printer paper to enclose the discs to keep them from getting scratched in transit.
  • If you are sending shows abroad always check the “Gift” box on the customs form. This ensures that the other trader does not have to pay any extra fees just to get their shows.
  • Don’t write on the discs unless the other trader asks you to. To indicate the show info most traders are fine with post-it notes or small pieces of paper placed in the sleeve.
  • Always send the package via Air Mail NEVER Ground. Ground can take weeks to reach a destination.

How To Make A CD/DVD Envelope Out Of Printer Paper


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