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AUD - Audience Trader's Dictionary Term

Definition For AUD

AUD: The term usually indicates that a show was taped or filmed from the audience by another fan. You will see this term a lot on trader’s lists & websites. Audience versions of shows vary in quality from really bad to almost professional.

How Can I Tell If A Show Was Taped From The Audience?

  • VIDEO: This is kinda a no-brainer, but it should be pretty obvious. That being said there are some great audience shots out that that you have to really assess the quality and camera angles to see if its a PRO or AUD shot show.
  • AUDIO: This is a bit different and little bit harder since you cannot see the result. Sometimes its almost impossible to tell the difference because some “soundboards” sound like absolute shit where as there are some audience shows that are stellar. Typically if you hear a lot of crowd noise, the sound is really low, the microphone fluctuates, people talking/screaming right next to the taper or static its probably an audience recording. There is no true tried method to figure out if a show is AUD or SBD sourced, you just have to listen as carefully as you can and try and figure it out.

What If I Can’t Tell If It’s Audience Sourced Or Not?

If you cannot tell if a show is audience or soundboard, your best bet is to do some research on other trader’s pages to see how they have it listed. I always keep a certain amount of trade pages in my bookmarks for reference if I need it. I would suggest looking at a few sites to see how its listed. One trader may have it incorrect, so its best to check a few sites to see. You can also ask on a bootleg trader’s forum like The Trader’s Den, people there are pretty helpful & knowledgeable about sources.


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