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The Complete Blaze Bayley Tour Dates

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  • Dates in red were canceled.
  • Dates in yellow were postponed & re-scheduled and/or canceled.
  • Dates in blue are meet & greets only, no live show.
  • Dates in orange included sets from Paul Di’Anno.

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2000-2001: Silicon Messiah World Tour

2000-05-13 Red Rose Theatre, Rugeley, United Kingdom
2000-05-15 The Limelight, Crewe, United Kingdom
2000-05-18 Capitol, Hannover, Germany
2000-05-27 The Limelight, Crewe, United Kingdom
2000-05-29 The Corporation, Sheffield, United Kingdom
2000-05-30 The Fleece & Firkin, Bristol, United Kingdom
2000-05-31 Trillians, Newcastle, United Kingdom
2000-07-26 XL’S, Birmingham, United Kingdom
2000-07-27 The Limelight, Crewe, United Kingdom
2000-07-29 The Corporation, Sheffield, United Kingdom
2000-07-30 The Fleece & Firkin, Bristol, United Kingdom
2000-07-31 Trillians, Newcastle, United Kingdom
2000-08-05 Wacken Open Air, Wacken, Germany
2000-12-17 JB’s, Dudley, United Kingdom
2000-12-18 The Limelight, Crewe, United Kingdom
2000-12-20 Trillians, Newcastle, United Kingdom
2000-12-21 The Twist, Colchester, United Kingdom
2000-12-22 The Underworld, London, United Kingdom
2000-12-23 The Army & Navy, Chelmsford, United Kingdom
2001-01-13 Esquires, Bedford, United Kingdom
2001-01-14 Marr’s, Worcester, United Kingdom
2001-01-15 TJ’s, Newport, United Kingdom
2001-01-16 Adelphi, Hull, United Kingdom
2001-01-18 The Doghouse, Dundee, Scotland, United Kingdom
2001-01-19 The Cathouse, Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom
2001-01-20 Rio´s, Brazildford, United Kingdom
2001-03-05 Glow, Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom
2001-03-06 Civic Hall, Whitehaven, United Kingdom
2001-03-07 Woughton Centre, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom
2001-03-09 The Boat Race, Cambridge, United Kingdom
2001-03-10 Fat Paulys, Norwaywich, United Kingdom
2001-03-11 The Wytchwood, Ashton-U-Lyme, United Kingdom
2001-03-13 The Black Pig, Salisbury, United Kingdom
2001-03-14 The Bierkeller, Bristol, United Kingdom
2001-03-17 JB’s, Dudley, United Kingdom
2001-03-18 Mean Fiddler, London, United Kingdom
2001-03-19 Rock City, Nottingham, United Kingdom
2001-03-21 Elysee Montemarte, Paris, France
2001-03-23 Celebre, Barcelona, Spain
2001-03-24 Jam, Bergera, Spain
2001-03-25 Quattro, Aviles, Spain
2001-03-27 La Riviera, Madrid, Spain
2001-03-28 Canal 44, Zaragosa, Spain
2001-03-29 Republica, Valencia, Spain
2001-03-31 Rolling Stone, Milan, Italy
2001-04-01 Tenax, Florence, Italy
2001-04-02 Konzertfabrik, Prattein, Germany
2001-04-04 The Zeche, Bochum, Germany
2001-04-05 Live Music Hall, Cologne, Germany
2001-04-06 Rhon Kulturhaus, Dorndorf, Germany
2001-04-08 Docks, Hamburg, Germany
2001-04-10 Kåren, Gothenburg, Sweden
2001-04-11 Circus, Stockholm, Sweden
2001-04-12 Kultur Bolaget (KB), Malmo, Sweden
2001-04-14 Music Hall, Berlin, Germany
2001-04-15 Melkweg, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2001-04-16 Longhorn, Stuttgart, Germany
2001-04-17 Biebob, Vosselaar, Belgium
2001-05-28 Assembley Rooms, Derby, United Kingdom
2001-07-28 Rock Machina Festival, Moncafa (Nr- Valancia), Spain
2001-10-18 013, Tilburg, Netherlands
2001-10-19 HofTerLoo, Antwerp, Belgium
2001-10-20 Esquires, Bedford, United Kingdom
2001-11-11 The Hard Club, Porto, Portugal
2001-11-16 JB’s, Dudley, United Kingdom
2001-11-17 Folkets Park, Motala, Sweden

2002: Tenth Dimension World Tour

2002-01-17 KB, Malmö, Sweden
2002-01-18 Club Ron, Ronneby, Sweden
2002-01-19 Rockefeller, Oslo, Norway
2002-01-20 Lilla Vega, Copenhagen, Denmark
2002-01-21 Voxhall, Aarhus, Denmark
2002-01-23 Soundgarden, Dortmund, Germany
2002-01-24 Music Hall, Berlin, Germany
2002-01-26 Sporting B’ball Arena, Athens, Greece
2002-01-27 Hydrogeios Club, Thessaloniki, Greece
2002-01-29 Stadhalle, Langen, Germany
2002-01-30 Longhorn, Stuttgart, Germany
2002-01-31 Z7 Koncertfabrik, Prattelin, Switzerland
2002-02-01 Komma, Woergl, Austria
2002-02-02 Planet Music, Vienna, Austria
2002-02-03 Orpheum, Graz, Austria
2002-02-05 Tenax, Florence, Italy
2002-02-06 Palacisalfa, Rome, Italy
2002-02-07 Palatenda, Brescia, Italy
2002-02-09 Hof Ter Lo, Antwerp, Belgium
2002-02-10 Elysee Montmatre, Paris, France
2002-02-11 013, Tilburg, Netherlands
2002-02-12 Podium, Hardenburg, Netherlands
2002-02-13 Garage, London, United Kingdom
2002-03-07 Doghouse, Dundee, Scotland, United Kingdom
2002-03-08 Rio’s, Bradford, United Kingdom
2002-03-09 Cooperage, Plymouth, United Kingdom
2002-03-10 Bierkeller, Bristol, United Kingdom
2002-03-12 Junction, Cambridge, United Kingdom
2002-03-15 Le Koslow, Bordeaux, France
2002-03-16 Piorno Rock Festival, Granada, Spain
2002-03-18 Rockstore, Montpellier, France
2002-03-20 Spirit Of 66, Verviers, Belgium
2002-03-21 Le Locomotive, Paris, France
2002-03-22 Mephisto, Barcelona, Spain
2002-03-23 Sala Jam, Bergora, Spain
2002-03-24 Hard Club, Porto, Portugal
2002-03-26 Komma, Worgl, Austria
2002-03-27 Z7 Koncertfabrik, Pratteln, Switzerland
2002-03-28 Hafenbahn, Offenbach, Germany
2002-03-29 After Club, Metz, France
2002-03-30 Faust, Hannover, Germany
2002-03-31 Logo, Hamburg, Germany
2002-04-03 Bar Opinião, Porto Alegre, Brazil
2002-04-04 Associacao Artex, Blumenau, Brazil
2002-04-05 Moinho Sao Roque, Curitiba, Brazil
2002-04-07 Directv Music Hall, São Paulo, Brazil
2002-04-12 Metropole Shows, Fortaleza, Brazil
2002-04-13 Dokas, Recife, Brazil
2002-04-14 Alegria Alegria, Salvador, Brazil
2002-04-20 Unknown Venue, Caracas, Venezuela
2002-06-09 Palavobis, Milan, Italy
2002-06-14 Ohrakel, Ingolstadt, Germany
2002-06-15 Hafenbahn, Offenbach, Germany
2002-06-16 Biebob, Vosselaar, Belgium
2002-06-17 Underworld, London, United Kingdom
2002-06-18 JB’s, Dudley, United Kingdom
2002-06-20 Komma, Worgl, Austria
2002-06-21 Rock Harz Open Air, Osterode, Germany
2002-06-22 Zaal Struik, Lemerleveld, Netherlands
2002-06-23 Roxy, Flensburg, Germany
2002-06-25 Works, Osnabruck, Germany
2002-06-26 Kulturfabrik, Krefeld, Germany
2002-06-27 Hirsch, Nurnberg, Germany
2002-07-27 Rock And Blues Festival, Pentrich, United Kingdom
2002-07-29 Garage, London, United Kingdom
2002-08-01 Wacken Open Air, Wacken, Germany
2002-08-02 Z7, Pratteln, Switzerland
2002-08-03 Alte Spinnerei Open Air Festival, Glauchau, Germany
2002-08-04 Pepsi Island, Budapest, Hungary
2002-08-23 All-Russian Exhibition Center, Moscow, Russia
2002-09-07 University, Newcastle, United Kingdom
2002-12-13 JB’s, Dudley, United Kingdom

2003: As Live As It Gets Tour

2003-01-18 King’s Head, Fulham, United Kingdom
2003-01-25 DK Gorbunova, Moscow, Russia
2003-03-08 Cricket Club Complex, NJ, USA
2003-04-25 The Garage, London, United Kingdom
2003-04-26 Rio’s, Bradford, United Kingdom
2003-04-27 MS 1, Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom
2003-04-29 Chinnerys, Essex, United Kingdom
2003-04-30 The Brook, Southampton, United Kingdom
2003-05-02 Cooperage, Plymouth, United Kingdom
2003-05-03 Rigger, Stoke, United Kingdom
2003-05-05 Roadmender, Norwaythampton, United Kingdom
2003-06-27 Bang Your Head Festival, Balingen, Germany
2003-06-28 Open Air, Scönwalde, Germany
2003-08-01 Z7, Pratteln, Switzerland
2003-08-29 Bloodstock Festival, Derby, United Kingdom
2003-12-27 JB’s, Dubley, United Kingdom
2003-12-28 Spirit Of 66, Verviers, Belgium
2003-12-29 Juz Live Club, Andernach, Germany
2003-12-30 Megadrom, Radebeul, Germany
2003-12-31 Hyde Park, Osnabrück, Germany

2004: Blood And Belief Tour

2004-04-12 Bierkeller, Manchester, United Kingdom
2004-04-14 Soundhouse, Colchester, United Kingdom
2004-04-15 Warehouse, Leeds, United Kingdom
2004-04-16 Bierkeller, Bristol, United Kingdom
2004-04-18 Cathouse, Glasgow, United Kingdom
2004-04-19 Moshulu, Aberdeen, United Kingdom
2004-04-20 The Venue, Dumfries, United Kingdom
2004-04-21 Rigger, Stoke, United Kingdom
2004-04-23 Kingston Peel, London, United Kingdom
2004-04-24 Ten Weyngaert, Brussels, Belgium
2004-04-25 The Troubadour, Hardenberg, Netherlands
2004-04-26 Logo, Hamburg, Germany
2004-04-27 Melrose Rock Club, Helsingborg, Sweden
2004-04-29 Rock In, Oslo, Norway
2004-04-30 Village, Vasteras, Sweden
2004-05-01 Sticky Fingers, Gothenburg, Sweden
2004-05-22 Discovery, Split, Croatia
2004-06-25 Bang Your Head Festival, Balingen, Germany
2004-06-26 Ohrakel, Ingolstadt, Germany
2004-06-27 Knaack, Berlin, Germany
2004-06-28 Zeche, Bochum, Germany
2004-06-29 De Bosuil, Weert, Netherlands
2004-06-30 Coloß Saal, Aschaffenburg, Germany
2004-07-01 Z7, Pratteln, Switzerland
2004-07-03 JUZ Live Club Open Air, Andernach, Germany
2004-07-04 Rock The Nations Open Air, Istanbul, Turkey
2004-07-17 Badia Rocks Festival, Badia, Italy
2004-09-04 Velo Rock Festival, Ostend, Belgium
2004-09-11 Raismes Festival, Raismes, France
2004-09-12 La Locamotive, Paris, France
2004-09-30 Velvet, Pordenone, Italy
2004-10-01 Motion, Bergamo, Italy
2004-10-02 Bqo, Rome, Italy
2004-10-15 Hoehlenrock Festival, Balve, Germany
2004-11-30 Civic Hall, Wolverhampton, United Kingdom
2004-12-10 The Village, Dublin, Ireland
2004-12-11 Rosetta, Belfast, North Ireland
2004-12-17 Biebob, Vosselaar, Belgium
2004-12-18 JB’s, Dudley, United Kingdom

2005: European Tour

2005-12-05 Unknown Venue, Paris, France
2006-12-06 Parkhaus Meiderich, Duisburg, Germany
2005-12-10 La Sfinge, Brescia, Italy
2005-12-10 Transilvania Live, Milan, Italy
2005-12-11 Circolo Degli Artisti, Rome, Italy
2005-12-15 JB’s, Dudley, United Kingdom

2006: United Kingdom Tour

2006-02-17 Edwards No8, Birmingham, United Kingdom
2006-02-18 Kings Pub, Accrington, United Kingdom

2007: European Tour

2007-03-24 Spodek, Katowice, Poland
2007-04-06 Centro Commercial YUMBO, Playa Del Ingles, Gran Canaria, Canary Island
2007-04-13 Razzamatazz 2, Barcelona, Spain/moved to June 29th
2007-04-19 Rock Town, Helsinki, Finland
2007-04-24 Metalmania Festival, Katowice, Poland
2007-04-25 Rock Town, Helsinki, Finland
2007-04-27 Die Halle H2O, Reichenbach, Germany
2007-05-06 Bierkeller, Bristol, United Kingdom/moved to September 6th
2007-05-12 The Palace, Tamworth, United Kingdom/never re-scheduled

2007-05-13 The Palace, Tamworth, United Kingdom/never re-scheduled
2007-06-06 Underworld, Athens, Greece/never re-scheduled
2007-06-29 Razzamatazz 2, Barcelona, Spain
2007-09-06 Bierkeller, Bristol, United Kingdom
2007-09-08 Rio, Bradford, United Kingdom
2007-09-09 The Palace, Tamworth, United Kingdom
2007-09-13 The Rigger, Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom
2007-09-14 The Twist, Colchester, United Kingdom
2007-09-15 Little Civic, Wolverhampton, United Kingdom
2007-09-16 Toms Bar, Pontypridd, United Kingdom
2007-09-17 Wrexham Station, Wrexham, United Kingdom
2007-09-18 CC Club, London, United Kingdom
2007-09-22 Sawyers, Kettering, United Kingdom
2007-09-28 The Junktion7, Nottingham, United Kingdom
2007-09-29 Nightowl, Cheltenham, United Kingdom
2007-09-30 Unknown Venue, Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom
2007-10-18 Viking Line, Stockholm, Sweden
2007-10-26 Spirit Of 66, Verviers, Belgium
2007-10-27 Biebob, Vosselaar, Belgium
2007-11-23 Bierkeller, Bristol, United Kingdom
2007-11-25 Rio, Leeds, United Kingdom
2007-12-06 The Rigger, Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom
2007-12-07 Die Halle H2O, Reichenbach, Germany
2007-12-08 Z7, Prattlen, Switzerland
2007-12-13 Rock Town, Helsinki, Finland
2007-12-15 JB’s, Dudley, United Kingdom
2007-12-27 The 12 Bar, Swindon, United Kingdom
2007-12-28 Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom
2007-12-30 Madhouse, Birmingham, United Kingdom

2008: The Man Who Would Not Die Tour

2008-03-07 Thunder Road, Codevilla, Italy
2008-03-08 Woodstock, Como, Italy
2008-03-14 The Chestnuts Marquee ,Birmingham, United Kingdom
2008-03-15 Potters Lodge, Stoke, United Kingdom
2008-03-16 Jillys Rock World, Manchester, United Kingdom
2008-03-21 Unicorn, London, United Kingdom
2008-03-28 The Garage, Bergen, Norway
2008-04-09 Junktion 7, Nottingham, United Kingdom
2008-04-18 Vanha, Helsinki, Finland
2008-04-19 Hellä, Tampere, Finland
2008-04-26 Riverburn Festival, Rijeka ,Croatia
2008-04-30 The Hub, Exeter, United Kingdom
2008-05-02 Sawyer’s, Kettering, United Kingdom
2008-05-03 Little Civic, Wolverhampton, United Kingdom
2008-05-04 Queens Hall, Nuneaton, United Kingdom
2008-05-08 Music Box, Manchester, United Kingdom
2008-05-09 Junktion 7, Nottingham, United Kingdom
2008-05-10 Marlboro Club, Ilfracombe, United Kingdom
2008-05-15 Assembly Rooms, Tamworth, United Kingdom
2008-05-16 The Underworld, London, United Kingdom
2008-05-17 The Twist, Colchester, United Kingdom
2008-05-20 The Parish, Huddersfield, United Kingdom
2008-05-21 Limelight, Crewe, United Kingdom
2008-05-22 Trillians, Newcastle, United Kingdom
2008-05-23 King Tut’s, Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom
2008-05-24 Cellar Bar, Blackburn, United Kingdom
2008-05-25 Snooty Fox, Wakefield, United Kingdom
2008-05-29 White Rabbit, Plymouth, United Kingdom
2008-05-30 Sin City, Swansea, Wales, United Kingdom
2008-05-31 Madhouse, Birmingham, United Kingdom
2008-06-07 University, Leeds, United Kingdom
2008-06-11 Live Club, Milan, Italy
2008-06-14 TNT Heavy Rock Bar, Madrid, Spain
2008-06-21 Concorde 2, Brighton, United Kingdom
2008-06-27 Medvezhiy Lug, Maloyaroslavets, Russia
2008-06-28 JB’s, Dudley, United Kingdom
2008-07-12 Easy Rider Biker Festival, Milan, Italy
2008-07-25 Headbangers Open Air, Hamburg, Germany
2008-08-02 Baloma Bikers Fest, Cercemaggiore, Italy
2008-08-04 Cuprablufestival, Cupra Marittima, Italy

2008-08-09 Dokk Em Open Air Festival, Leeuwarden, Netherlands

NOTE: From 2008-08-13 to 2008-08-31 there was a South American tour in Brazil. The entire tour was canceled due to the illness of Blaze’s wife & manager. Unfortunately she later passed away from her illness. It was later discovered that the concert promoter had ripped them off and the tour would not have gone ahead anyway.

2008-10-04 War Memorial Hall, Beverley, United Kingdom
2008-10-08 An Cruiscin Lan, Cork, Ireland
2008-10-09 Rossetta Bar, Belfast, North Ireland
2008-10-10 Fibber Magee’s, Dublin, Ireland
2008-10-18 Potters Bar, Nottingham, United Kingdom
2008-10-24 Yardbirds Rock Club, Grimsby, United Kingdom
2008-10-25 Hark To Howler, Bury, United Kingdom
2008-10-31 Monsters Of Mora Festival, Mora, Sweden
2008-11-14 K2, Keighly, United Kingdom
2008-11-28 The Buttermarket, Shrewsbury, United Kingdom
2008-11-29 JB’s, Dudley, United Kingdom
2008-12-06 Marr’s Bar, Worchester, United Kingdom
2008-12-07 Vertigo, Tamworth, United Kingdom
2008-12-13 Z7, Pratteln, Switzerland

2009: The Night That Would Not Die Tour

2009-01-09 Opera 1, Curitiba, Brazil
2009-01-11 Manifesto Bar, Sao Paulo, Brazil
2009-01-17 Clube Tiradentes, Fortaleza, Brazil
2009-01-19 Circo Voador, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2009-02-25 Borderline, Pisa, Italy
2009-02-27 Legend 54, Milan, Italy
2009-02-28 Corallo, Scandiano, Italy
2009-03-01 Teatro Cinema Italia, Macerata, Italy
2009-03-05 Go West, Roccaforzata, Italy
2009-03-06 Stazione Birra, Rome, Italy
2009-03-07 Midian, Cremona, Italy
2009-03-08 La Brasserie du Mont Blanc, Chambery, France
2009-03-11 Spirit 66, Verviers, Belgium
2009-03-13 Schuetzenhaus, Oelsnitz, Germany
2009-03-14 Metropol, Hengelo, Netherlands
2009-03-15 O13, Tilburg, Netherlands
2009-03-17 Alibi, Wroclaw, Poland
2009-03-18 Eskulap, Poznan, Poland
2009-03-19 The Rock, Copenhagen, Denmark
2009-03-20 Ballroom, Hamburg, Germany
2009-03-21 Regenbogen, Hameln, Germany
2009-03-24 Uhlenspiegel, Leonberg, Germany
2009-03-26 Plan B Club, Moscow, Russia
2009-03-27 RK Ogni Ufi, Ufa, Russia
2009-03-28 Teatr Estradi, Yekaterinenburg, Russia
2009-04-03 Arcade, Le Havre, France
2009-04-04 La Mare Aux Diables, Tournai, Belgium
2009-04-05 Unknown Venue, Athens, Greece
2009-04-09 Rossetta Bar, Belfast, North Ireland
2009-04-10 Fibber Magee’s, Dublin, Ireland
2009-04-11 An Cruiscin Lan, Cork, Ireland
2009-04-13 Unknown Venue, Budapest, Hungary
2009-04-14 Music Hall, Prague, Czech Republic
2009-04-15 Faval Music Circus, Brno, Czech Republic
2009-04-16 Progesja, Warsaw, Poland
2009-04-17 Forum Palace, Vilnius, Lithuania
2009-04-18 Melna Piektdiena, Riga, Latvia
2009-04-19 Tapper, Tallinn, Estonia
2009-04-22 Dante’s Highlight, Helsinki, Finland
2009-04-24 Hellä, Tampere, Finland
2009-04-25 Henry’s Pub, Kuopio, Finland
2009-04-26 Klubi, Turku, Finland
2009-04-28 Hornstullstrand Etablissement, Stockholm, Sweden
2009-04-29 Unknown Venue, Västerås, Sweden
2009-05-02 Hark To Towler, Bury, United Kingdom
2009-05-03 Yardbirds Club, Grimsby, United Kingdom
2009-05-06 Joiner’s Arms, Southampton, United Kingdom
2009-05-07 The 12 Bar, Swindon, United Kingdom
2009-05-08 The Cellar, Blackburn, United Kingdom
2009-05-09 Intake, Mansfield, United Kingdom
2009-05-14 TJ’s, Newport, Wales, United Kingdom
2009-05-15 Sin City, Swansea, Wales, United Kingdom
2009-05-16 Hobbit’s, Weston Super Mare, United Kingdom
2009-05-20 Joseph’s Well, Leeds, United Kingdom
2009-05-21 Trillians, Newcastle, United Kingdom
2009-05-22 The Venue, Dumfries, Scotland, United Kingdom
2009-05-23 The Moorings Bar, Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom
2009-05-24 Ivory Black’s, Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom
2009-05-28 The Queen Charlotte, Norwich, United Kingdom
2009-05-29 The Park, Peterborough, United Kingdom
2009-05-30 The Underworld, London, United Kingdom
2009-06-03 Sweden Rock Festival, Norje, Sweden
2009-06-04 The Leopard, Doncaster, United Kingdom
2009-06-05 The Yorkshire House, Lancaster, United Kingdom
2009-06-06 Victoria Biker’s Pub, Coalville, United Kingdom
2009-06-18 Jilly’s Rockworld, Manchester, United Kingdom
2009-06-20 The Roadhouse, Birmingham, United Kingdom
2009-06-24 Riga Bar, Southend, United Kingdom
2009-06-25 Bullingdon Arms, Oxford, United Kingdom
2009-06-26 White Rabbit, Plymouth, United Kingdom
2009-06-27 Progresja, Warsaw, Poland
2009-07-04 Spalene, Porici, Czech Republic
2009-09-25 JB’s, Dudley, United Kingdom
2009-11-27 On Stage Club, Athens, Greece
2009-11-28 Dewar´s Club, Agrinio, Greece
2009-11-29 Unknown Venue, Larisa, Greece
2009-11-30 Harley Bar Live Stage, Thessaloniki, Greece
2009-12-01 Jazz Rock Cafe Club, Kavala, Greece
2009-12-03 La Scene Bastille, Paris, France
2009-12-04 Chez Paulette, Pagney Barine, France

2010-2011: Promise & Terror Tour

2010-01-29 Garage, Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom
2010-02-06 JB’s, Dudley, United Kingdom
2010-02-09 Rio´s, Leeds, United Kingdom
2010-02-12 Sin City, Swansea, Wales, United Kingdom
2010-02-13 Rock City, Nottingham, United Kingdom
2010-02-20 The Underworld, London, United Kingdom
2010-02-26 Bannermans, Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom
2010-02-27 Moorings, Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom
2010-02-28 Ivory Blacks, Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom
2010-03-10 Le Pacific Rock, Cergy, France
2010-03-11 Unknown Venue, Vaulx en Velin, France
2010-03-12 Korigan, Luynes, France
2010-03-15 Sala Heaven, Santander, Spain
2010-04-01 Bueiro do Rock, Teresina, Brazil
2010-04-02 Clube Santa Cruz, Fortaleza, Brazil
2010-04-08 Manifesto Bar, Sao Paulo, Brazil
2010-04-10 Club Rock & Guitarras, Santiago, Chile
2010-04-13 Hard Rock Cafe, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2010-04-24 Het Front, Vroomshoop, Netherlands
2010-04-25 Rockfabrik, Ludwigsburg, Germany
2010-05-09 Harry B James, Stockholm, Sweden
2010-05-12 Club Teatria, Oulu, Finland
2010-05-15 Dante´s Highlight, Helsinki, Finland
2010-05-20 Orlandia Club, St- Petersburg, Russia
2010-05-22 Hollywood, Ryazan, Russia
2010-05-23 Plan B Club, Moscow, Russia
2010-05-30 Music Hall, Prague, Czech Republic
2010-06-04 Unknown Venue, Malbork, Poland
2010-06-06 WAT, Warsaw, Poland
2010-07-08 Malomvölgyi Arboretum, Pecs, Hungary
2010-07-10 Civic Hall, Radcliffe, United Kingdom
2010-08-21 Slowianin, Szczecin, Poland
2010-09-11 Corporation, Sheffield, United Kingdom
2010-09-17 The Brickyard, Carlisle, United Kingdom
2010-09-18 Ivory Blacks, Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom
2010-09-23 Grand Central, Manchester, United Kingdom
2010-10-01 The Railway Inn, Winchester, United Kingdom
2010-10-28 King´s Collage, London, United Kingdom
2010-11-27 Klub Pravnog Fakulteta, Nis, Serbia
2010-12-04 Pontins Holiday Village, Prestatyn, Wales, United Kingdom
2010-12-09 Rock Temple, Kerkrade, Netherlands
2010-12-10 De Rots, Antwerp, Belgium
2010-12-14 Viper Room, Vienna, Austria
2010-12-18 JB’s, Dudley, United Kingdom
2011-01-13 Hard Rock Cafe, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2011-01-15 Fest Verao, Macae, Brazil
2011-01-16 Hard Rock Cafe, Nova Lima, Brazil
2011-01-19 Bolshoi Pub, Goiania, Brazil
2011-01-20 Sebastian Bar, Campinas, Brazil
2011-01-21 Blackmore Rock Bar, Sao Paulo, Brazil
2011-01-22 Armazem do Cafe, Catanduva, Brazil
2011-01-23 Porao do Beca, Porto Alegre, Brazil
2011-01-26 John Bull Music Hall, Curitiba, Brazil
2011-01-28 Asbury Rock, Buenos Aires, Argentina
2011-01-30 Club Rock & Guitarrs, Santiago, Chile
2011-03-18 Paard Van Troje, Hague, Netherlands
2011-03-19 Feestzaal, Aalter, Belgium
2011-03-20 Little Devil, Tilburg, Netherlands
2011-03-25 Espace Vie Etudiante, St- Martin d´Heres, France
2011-03-26 Korigan, Luynes, France
2011-04-03 Old School Rock Bar, Istanbul, Turkey
2011-05-21 The Underworld, London, United Kingdom
2011-06-04 Tyrolen, Alvesta, Sweden
2011-06-17 Palarockness, Rome, Italy
2011-09-03 The 12 Bar, Swindon, United Kingdom
2011-09-10 The Railway Inn, Winchester, United Kingdom
2011-09-20 Klub Graffiti, Lublin, Poland
2011-09-21 Madness, Wroclaw, Poland
2011-10-27 Showcase Live, Foxborough, MA, USA
2011-10-28 Whiskey Tango, Philadelphia, PA, USA
2011-10-29 Jaxx, Springfield, IL, USA
2011-10-30 BB King Blues Club, New York, NY, USA
2011-10-31 Bourbon Street, Baltimore, NY, USA
2011-11-02 Station 4, St. Paul, MN, USA
2011-11-06 Reggie’s Rock Club, Chicago, IL, USA
2011-11-10 Key Club, West Hollywood, CA, USA
2011-11-13 Brick By Brick, San Diego, CA, USA
2011-11-16 The Rail Club, Fort Worth, TX, USA
2011-11-17 Bonds 007 Rock Bar, San Antonio, TX, USA
2011-11-18 Big Papa’s Poor House, Oklahoma City, OK, USA
2011-11-20 Chapas Bar The Pit, Brownsville, TX, USA
2011-12-09 The Underworld, London, United Kingdom
2011-12-12 Ivory Black, Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom
2011-12-18 Hof Ter Lo, Antwerp, Belgium

2012: King Of Metal Tour

2012-02-22 RKK Avrora, St. Petersburg, Russia
2012-02-23 Mazhor, Stavropol, Russia
2012-02-24 DK Rostselmash, Rostov-on-Don, Russia
2012-02-25 Mavzoley, Krasnodor, Russia
2012-02-26 Plan B Club, Moscow, Russia

2012-02-28 RK Ogni Ufi, Ufa, Russia
2012-03-12 Logo, Hamburg, Germany
2012-03-14 KC Novodvorska, Prague, Czech Republic
2012-03-18 McPekarna, Maribor, Slovenia
2012-03-20 Boogaloo, Zagreb, Croatia
2012-03-23 Silver Curch, Bucharest, Romania
2012-03-25 Club 202, Budapest, Hungary
2012-03-29 Faval Music Circus, Brno, Czech Republic
2012-04-02 Klub Graffiti, Lublin, Poland
2012-04-04 CSW Laznia, Gdansk, Poland
2012-04-07 La Scene Bastille, Paris, France
2012-04-14 Korigan, Luynes, France
2012-04-18 Azkena, Bilbao, Spain
2012-04-21 Bar La Gramola, Orihuela, Spain
2012-04-28 Little Devil, Tilburg, Netherlands
2012-05-02 Grand Central, Manchester, United Kingdom
2012-05-05 Snooty Fox, Wakefield, United Kingdom
2012-05-08 Ivory Blacks, Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom
2012-05-18 Monto Water Rats, London, United Kingdom
2012-05-20 The Public, West Bromwich, United Kingdom
2012-05-25 The Grim Club, Cesa, Italy
2012-05-31 Bierbauch, Cologne, Germany
2012-07-23 Banners, Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom
2012-07-27 The Asylum, Birmingham, United Kingdom
2012-07-29 12 Bar Club, London, United Kingdom
2012-08-25 Rock Knights Festival, La Couvertoirade, France
2012-11-02 RK Club, Dnipropetrovs, Ukraine
2012-11-03 Liverpool, Donetsk, Ukraine
2012-11-04 Docker Pub, Kiev, Ukraine
2012-11-07 Dvorets Sporta, Lviv, Ukraine
2012-11-08 Collosseum Club, Kosice, Slovakia
2012-11-09 Mestske Kulturni, Pelhrimov, Czech Republic
2012-11-10 Klub Zluty Pes, Pardubice, Czech Republic
2012-11-11 Masters Of Rock Cafe, Zlin, Czech Republic

2012-11-12 Retro Music Hall, Prague, Czech Republic
2012-11-22 The Hi Fi Bar & Ballroom, Melbourne, Australia

2012-11-23 The Hobarth, Brisbane, Australia
2012-11-24 Civic Hotel, Perth, Australia
2012-11-25 Fowlers Live, Adelaide, Australia
2012-11-26 The Hi Fi, Brisbane, Australia
2012-11-29 Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle, Australia
2012-11-30 Manning Bar, Sydney, Australia
2012-12-01 The Basement, Canberra, Australia
2012-12-02 Waves Nightclub, Wollongong, Australia
2012-12-07 Bodegas, Wellington, New Zealand

2012-12-08 Kings Arms, Auckland, New Zealand

2013: Russian Holiday Tour

2013-01-10 Teacher’s Pub, Vitoria, Brazil
2013-01-11 Teacher’s Pub, Vitoria, Brazil
2013-01-12 Astral, Pocos De Calda, Brazil
2013-01-13 Cafe Central, Santos, Brazil
2013-01-16 Hush Pub, Londrina, Brazil
2013-01-17 Brasil London Pub, Guarapuava City, Brazil
2013-01-18 Uper Club, Pato Branco, Brazil
2013-01-19 Emporio Avendia, Ponta Grossa, Brazil
2013-01-20 Blood Rock Bar, Curitiba, Brazil
2013-01-24 Hocus Pocus, Sao Jose Dos Campos, Brazil
2013-01-25 Pirilampus Bar, Sorocaba, Brazil
2013-01-26 Sebastian Bar, Campinas, Brazil
2013-01-27 Stonehenge Bar, Belo Horizonte, Brazil
2013-01-31 Rio Rock And Blues, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
2013-02-01 Jack Pub, Bauru, Brazil
2013-02-02 Viveri Eventi, Aracatuba, Brazil
2013-02-03 Blackmore Rock Bar, Sao Paulo, Brazil
2013-02-07 Bannerman’s, Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom
2013-02-08 Moorings, Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom
2013-02-09 Jagged Rock Lounge, Wolverhampton, United Kingdom
2013-02-10 Yardbirds, Grimsby, United Kingdom
2013-02-13 The Towler, Bury, United Kingdom
2013-02-14 The Hairy Dog, Derby, United Kingdom
2013-02-15 Green Baize, Weston, United Kingdom
2013-02-16 Aces & Eights, London, United Kingdom
2013-02-17 Railway, Winchester, United Kingdom
2013-02-19 Little Devil, Tilburg, Netherlands
2013-02-20 Kulturrampe, Krefeld, Germany
2013-02-22 Bambi Galore, Hamburg, Germany
2013-02-23 De Pit, Terneuzen, Netherlands
2013-03-02 Redhill Rockfest, Redhill, United Kingdom
2013-03-06 Blackbox, Falkenberg, Sweden
2013-03-07 Harry B- James, Stockholm, Sweden
2013-03-08 Filial, Eskiltuna, Sweden

2013-03-09 No Name MC, Strängnäs, Sweden
2013-03-14 Amex, Paris, France
2013-03-15 ‘I Amperagne, Grenoble, France
2013-03-16 Z7, Pratteln, Switzerland
2013-03-17 La Distilleria, Bologna, Italy
2013-03-19 Open Baladin, Cinzano, Italy
2013-03-20 Blue Rose Saloon, Bresso, Italy
2013-03-21 Viper Room, Vienna, Austria
2013-03-23 Klub 77, Dolny Kubin, Slovakia
2013-03-24 M-Club, Valasske Mezirici, Czech Republic
2013-03-26 Rock Cafe, Prague, Czech Republic
2013-03-28 Andergant, Olsztyn, Poland
2013-03-29 Grafiti Club, Lublin, Poland
2013-03-30 Madness Club, Wroclaw, Poland
2013-04-03 Templet, Copenhagen, Denmark
2013-04-06 Rock Bar Fans, Sofia, Bulgaria
2013-04-10 Attic Rock Club, Litvinov, Czech Republic
2013-04-12 Stara Tiskarna, Pelhrimov, Czech Republic
2013-04-13 KC Semilasso, Brno, Czech Republic
2013-04-26 Club PRKL, Helsinki, Finland
2013-04-30 Kulturhus, Gjerdum, Norway
2013-05-01 Nordmore Rockklubb, Kristiansund, Norway
2013-05-02 Hulen, Bergen, Norway
2013-05-03 Murphy’s, Sandefjord, Norway

2013-05-04 Unknown Venue, Sarpsbor, Norway
2013-05-18 Vintage Cafe, Sassari, Italy
2013-05-31 Metal Asylum, Dubai, U.A.E.
2013-06-20 Crown Center, Austin, TX, USA
2013-06-22 Anderson Mill Tavern, Austin, TX, USA
2013-06-29 VoxBot Festival, Torshavn, Faroe Islands
2013-07-06 Gejerstad Rock Festival, Andebu, Norway
2013-07-20 Campo Sportivo Comunale, Cosseria, Italy
2013-09-15 Temple Of Music, Kreuzlingen, Switzerland
2013-11-14 Tavastia, Helsinki, Finland
2013-11-15 Jagger Club, St. Petersburg, Russia
2013-11-16 M33, Arkhangelsk, Russia
2013-11-17 Music Town, Moscow, Russia
2013-11-19 NK Zvezda, Samara, Russia
2013-11-21 Centr Molodezhnih, Belgorod, Russia
2013-11-22 KKZ Ukraine, Kharkiv, Ukraine
2013-11-23 Docker Pub, Kiev, Ukraine
2013-11-24 Metropolis, Illichivs’k, Ukraine

2013-11-30 Hafan y Mor Holiday Park, Pwllheli, Wales, United Kingdom
2013-12-07 Club Nevada, Maria de Fe, Brazil
2013-12-11 Cervejaria Obvio, Pindamonhangaba, Brazil
2013-12-19 Bar de Montanha, Limeira, Brazil

2014: Soundtrack Of My Life Tour

2014-01-05 Kop Town, Asunicon, Paraguay
2014-01-09 Bolshoi Pub, Goiania, Brazil
2014-01-16 Theatro Odisseia, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2014-01-18 Summer Lounge, Laguna, Brazil
2014-01-19 Blood Rock Bar, Curitiba, Brazil
2014-01-25 Manifesto Bar, Sao Paulo, Brazil
2014-02-01 Night Club, Maringa, Brazil
2014-03-05 Bannerman’s, Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom
2014-03-07 The Underworld, London, United Kingdom
2014-03-09 Chez Paulette, Pagney Barine, France
2014-03-10 Korigan, Luynes, France
2014-03-11 Sala Malander, Seville, Spain
2014-03-14 Sala Boveda, Barcelona, Spain
2014-03-15 Le Jas’Rod, Pennes Mirabeau, France
2014-03-16 Z7, Prattlen, Switzerland
2014-03-18 Slot Bar Prestige, Gradisca Insonzo, Italy
2014-03-19 Viper Room, Vienna, Austria
2014-03-21 Club 202, Budapest, Hungary
2014-03-22 8th Ball, Sofia, Bulgaria
2014-03-23 Klub Sioux, Belgrade, Serbia
2014-03-25 Progresja, Warsaw, Poland
2014-03-26 Klub Bazyla, Poznan, Poland
2014-03-27 Liverpool, Wroclaw, Poland
2014-03-28 Klub Graffiti, Lublin, Poland
2014-03-29 Rotunda, Krakow, Poland
2014-03-30 Dom Kultury, Jaslo, Poland
2014-04-02 Soundcheck One, Waldbronn, Germany
2014-04-09 Rock Cafe, Prague, Czech Republic
2014-06-04 Sweden Rock Festival, Norje, Sweden
2014-06-19 Fredriksten Festning, Halden, Norway
2014-06-26 Baracoa, Asker, Norway
2014-06-27 Unknown Venue, Sandefjord, Norway
2014-06-28 Garage, Bergen, Norway
2014-07-18 Unknown Venue, Pohori, Czech Republic
2014-07-22 Casa de Shows Granfinos, Belo Horizonte, Brazil
2014-07-23 Theatro Odisseia, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2014-07-24 Bar da Montanha, Limeira, Brazil
2014-07-25 Ilha Sao Joao, Volta Redonda, Brazil
2014-07-26 Clash Club, Sao Paulo, Brazil
2014-07-29 Vanilla Music Hall, Curitiba, Brazil
2014-08-01 Kasteel Alden Biesen, Bilzen, Belgium
2014-08-09 San Salvatore, Chania, Greece
2014-08-15 Zaraso Sala, Zarasai, Lithuania
2014-08-16 Farstadparken, Gvarv, Norway
2014-09-17 Forty Kleparz, Krakow, Poland
2014-09-18 Rock Cafe, Bratislava, Slovakia
2014-09-21 Tirish Pub, Banska Bystrica, Slovakia
2014-09-27 Burgwiesenhalle, Oberursel, Germany
2014-10-04 Rock & Art, Huskvarna, Sweden
2014-10-10 Les Foufounes, Montreal, QC, Canada
2014-10-11 L’Agitee, Quebec City, QC, Canada
2014-10-13 Mavericks, Ottawa, ON, Canada
2014-10-14 The Mansion, Kingston, ON, Canada
2014-10-16 Eastside Bar & Grill, London, ON, Canada
2014-10-17 Hard Rock Cafe, Toronto, ON, Canada
2014-10-20 Anderson Mill Tavern, Austin, TX, USA
2014-10-21 Anderson Mill Tavern, Austin, TX, USA
2014-10-26 RBC, Dallas, Texas, USA
2014-11-01 Salle Des Fetes, Vouziers, France
2014-11-07 Crowley´s Rock Bar, Swansea, Wales, United Kingdom
2014-11-08 Arcade, Notre Dame Gravenchon, France
2014-11-09 L’Escalier Cafe, Liege, Belgium

2015: World Tour

2015-01-15 Music Hall, Curitiba, Brazil
2015-01-16 Pirilampus Bar, Sorocaba, Brazil
2015-01-17 Bar da Montanha, Limeira, Brazil
2015-01-18 Festival Ruidos do Sertao, Pocoes, Brazil
2015-01-22 Unknown Venue, Cochabamba, Bolivia
2015-01-23 London Pub, Uberlandia, Brazil
2015-01-24 Clash Club, Sao Paulo, Brazil
2015-01-25 Car Audio Rock Festival, Bogota, Colombia
2015-01-28 Yellow Pub Marine, Jundiai, Brazil
2015-01-30 Rock Club, Sao Bernado Do Campo, Brazil
2015-01-31 Grito Rock, Braganca Paulista, Brazil
2015-02-01 Cultural Bar, Juiz de Fora, Brazil
2015-02-05 Teatr Odiesseia, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2015-02-06 Hush Pub, Londrina, Brazil
2015-02-07 AABB Metal Club Festival, Ponte Grossa, Brazil
2015-02-08 Anexo Porao Hall, Volta Redonda, Brazil
2015-02-13 Wox Club, Pomerode, Brazil
2015-02-14 Disco Hyppe, Pouso Alegre, Brazil
2015-02-15 Blodd Rock Bar, Curitiba, Brazil
2015-02-20 Anderson Mill Tavern, Austin, TX, USA
2015-02-21 Anderson Mill Tavern, Austin, TX, USA
2015-02-23 Token Lounge, Detroit, MI, USA
2015-02-24 Ripper’s Rock House, Akron, OH, USA
2015-02-25 Hard Rock Cafe, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
2015-02-26 89 North, Patchogue, NY, USA
2015-02-27 The Stanhope House, Stanhope, NJ, USA
2015-02-28 Hard Times Cafe, Hagerstown, MD, USA
2015-03-01 CoCo66, Brooklyn, NY, USA
2015-03-06 Star Land Live, Austin, TX, USA
2015-03-14 261 Club, Genoa, Italy
2015-03-20 Polinero Place, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
2015-03-21 Varna Live Club, Varna, Bulgaria
2015-03-22 Rock It, Sofia, Bulgaria
2015-03-29 South Sea Live, Sheffield, United Kingdom
2015-04-11 Full Metal Cruise II, Palma de Mallorca, Spain
2015-04-16 Slusnej Kanal, Prague, Czech Republic
2015-04-17 Obecni Sal, Kozlovice, Czech Republic
2015-04-18 Semilasso, Brno, Czech Republic
2015-05-03 The Roadhouse, Birmingham, United Kingdom
2015-05-07 Fuel Rock Bar, Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom
2015-05-08 Barfly, London, United Kingdom
2015-05-09 Voodoo Lounge, Stamford, United Kingdom
2015-05-14 JV Blanko, Emmen, Netherlands
2015-05-15 Manoir Pub, St. Maurice, Switzerland
2015-05-16 Le Korigan, Aix en Provence, France
2015-05-17 T.O.M., Kreuzlingen, Switzerland
2015-05-21 The Rocking Bull, Antwerp, Belgium
2015-05-22 De Verlichte Geest, Roeselare, Belgium
2015-05-23 Spirit 66, Verviers, Belgium
2015-05-24 Sonnenkeller-live, Balingen, Germany
2015-05-27 Liverpool, Wroclaw, Poland
2015-05-28 U Bazyla, Poznan, Poland
2015-05-29 Rotunda, Krakow, Poland
2015-05-30 Progresja, Warszawa, Poland
2015-05-31 Andergrant, Olsztyn, Poland
2015-06-05 Fontaine Palace, Liepaja, Lativa
2015-06-06 Tapper, Tallinn, Estonia
2015-06-07 Bar Krouvi, Mantyharju, Finland
2015-06-12 Club Rockers, Västerås, Sweden
2015-06-14 Bambi Galore, Hamburg, Germany
2015-06-27 Rock Therapy Festival, Orlova, Czech Republic
2015-07-04 Gjerstad Rock Festival, Sandefjord, Norway
2015-07-10 Rock Festival, Polinya, Spain
2015-07-18 SOS Festival, Manchester, United Kingdom
2015-08-15 Viking Fest III, Ebbw Vale, United Kingdom
2015-10-03 Tatoo & Art Festival, Husqvarna, Sweden
2015-10-10 Music From The Beast Festival, Oberursel, Germany

2016: Album 8 Tour

2016-03-01 Trillians, Newcastle, United Kingdom
2016-03-02 Ivory Blacks, Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom
2016-03-03 Bootleggers, Kendal, United Kingdom
2016-03-04 Yardbirds, Grimsby, United Kingdom
2016-03-05 Sound Control, Manchester, United Kingdom
2016-03-06 Snooty Fox, Wakefield, United Kingdom
2016-03-16 Fuel, Cardiff, United Kingdom
2016-03-17 The Carlisle, Hastings, United Kingdom
2016-03-18 Spirit of 66, Verviers, Belgium
2016-03-19 Wizzfest, Lotenhulle, Belgium
2016-03-20 Cafe Elpee, Deinze, Belgium
2016-03-24 The Spot, Erica, Netherlands
2016-03-25 Gebr De Nobel, Leiden, Netherlands
2016-03-26 Schlappohr Rockkneipe, Grossefehn, Germany
2016-03-27 De Meister, Geleen, Netherlands
2016-03-31 Blue Devils Bar, Arras, France
2016-04-01 La Spirale, Fismes, France
2016-04-02 L’Arcade, Notre Dame De Gravenchon, France
2016-04-03 De Verlichte Geest, Roeselare, Belgium
2016-04-08 L’Amperage, Grenoble, France
2016-04-09 Le Korigan, Luynes, France
2016-04-10 Unknown Venue, Barcelona, Spain
2016-04-14 Le Caves De Bon-Sejour, Versoix, Switzerland
2016-04-15 Manoir Pub, St. Maurice, Switzerland
2016-04-16 Chez Paulette, Pagney-Derriere-Barine, France
2016-04-17 Come Inn, Renchen, Germany
2016-04-21 Bambi Galore, Hamburg, Germany
2016-04-22 Rattenloch, Herdorf, Germany
2016-04-23 Sonnenkeller, Balingen, Germany
2016-04-24 Rockbar, Konstanz, Germany
2016-04-28 Underground, Tychy, Poland
2016-04-29 Labirynt Club, Stalowa Wola, Poland
2016-04-30 Andergrant, Olsztyn, Poland
2016-05-04 PRKL Club, Helsinki, Finland
2016-05-05 Henry’s Pub, Kuopio, Finland
2016-05-06 Totem, Lappeenranta, Finland
2016-05-07 Bar Krouvi, Mantyharju, Finland
2016-05-08 Bar Krouvi, Mantyharju, Finland
2016-05-11 Folkets Hus, Sandviken, Sweden
2016-05-12 Harry B James, Stockholm, Sweden
2016-05-13 Oak Metal Bar, Fosser, Norway
2016-05-14 Downtown Rockbar, Falkenberg, Sweden
2016-05-15 Roxy Concerts, Flensburg, Germany
2016-05-19 Melodka, Brno, Czech Republic
2016-05-20 Under Dark Moon Festival, Dolni Cermna, Czech Republic
2016-05-21 Music Club U Kosile, Klatovy, Czech Republic
2016-05-26 New Crown Inn, Merthyr Tydfil, United Kingdom
2016-05-27 The Railway, Winchester, United Kingdom
2016-05-28 Underworld, London, United Kingdom
2016-05-29 Breaking Bands Festival, Bromsgrove, United Kingdom

2017: Endure & Survive Tour

2017-02-11 The Orpheum, Gzira, Malta
2017-02-18 Diamond Rock, Ballymena, United Kingdom
2017-03-01 Ivory Blacks, Glasgow, United Kingdom
2017-03-02 Trillians, Newcastle, United Kingdom
2017-03-03 Yardbirds Rock Club, Grimsby, United Kingdom
2017-03-04 Sound Control, Manchester, United Kingdom
2017-03-05 Roadhouse, Birmingham, United Kingdom
2017-03-09 Fuel, Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom
2017-03-10 Spirit of 66, Verviers, Belgium
2017-03-11 Le Petit Bain, Paris, France
2017-03-12 Café Elpee, Deinze, Belgium
2017-03-18 Le Korigan, Luynes, France
2017-03-19 Salamandra 2, Barcelona, Spain
2017-03-21 Franelrock, Oviedo, Spain
2017-03-22 Club Moby Dick, Madrid, Spain
2017-03-23 Café Del Teatre, Lleida, Spain
2017-03-24 Sala Fussion, Valencia, Spain
2017-03-25 Tunk, Irun, Spain
2017-03-26 King Kong, Zaragoza, Spain
2017-03-30 Officine Sonore, Vercelli, Italy
2017-02-31 Manoir Pub, Saint-Maurice, Switzerland
2017-04-01 Chez Paulette, Nancy, France
2017-04-02 Corn Exchange, Heavy Scotland Festival, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
2017-04-07 L’Amperage, Grenoble, France
2017-04-08 Salle De L’Arlequin, Clermont-Ferrand, France
2017-04-09 Come Inn, Renchen, Germany
2017-04-13 Kulturampe, Krefeld, Germany
2017-04-14 Gebr De Nobel, Leiden, Netherlands
2017-04-15 Schlappohr Rockkneipe, Grossefehn, Germany
2017-04-16 Muziekcafe, Helmond, Netherlands
2017-04-20 Bambi Galore, Hamburg, Germany
2017-04-21 Vortex, Siegen, Germany
2017-04-22 Sonnenkeller, Balingen, Germany
2017-04-23 Rockbar, Konstanz, Germany
2017-04-26 Orto Bar, Ljublijana, Slovenia
2017-04-27 Viper Room, Vienna, Austria
2017-04-28 Rock Café, Bratislava, Slovakia
2017-04-29 Melodka, Brno, Czech Republic
2017-04-30 Serikovka, Pilsen, Czech Republic
2017-05-04 Liverpool Klub, Wroclaw, Poland
2017-05-05 Underground, Tychy, Poland
2017-05-06 Labirynt Club, Stalowa Wola, Poland
2017-05-07 Nowy Andergrant, Olsztyn, Poland
2017-05-09 Klubas Lemmy, Kaunas, Lithuania
2017-05-10 Nabaklab, Riga, Latvia
2017-05-11 The Tapper, Tallinn, Estonia
2017-05-12 On The Rocks, Helsinki, Finland
2017-05-13 Kulttuuritalo Tempo, Mikkeli, Finland
2017-05-14 Jack The Rooster, Tampere, Finland
2017-05-19 Mobar, Lappeenranta, Finland
2017-05-20 Bar Krouvi, Mantyharju, Finland
2017-05-21 Bar Krouvi, Mantyharju, Finland
2017-05-24 Garage, Strangnas, Sweden
2017-05-26 Oak Metal Club, Fosser, Norway
2017-05-27 Downtown, Falkenberg, Sweden
2017-06-01 Metropolis Live, Patras, Greece
2017-06-02 Sport Center, Lárisa, Greece
2017-06-03 Metal Union Club, Agrinio, Greece
2017-06-04 Prague Draft, Kastoria, Greece
2017-06-05 Polychoros Agora, Ioannina, Greece
2017-06-06 Milos Beach, Lefkada, Greece
2017-06-07 Kyttaro, Athens, Greece
2017-06-08 Cafe Santan, Volos, Greece
2017-06-09 Mandragoras, Trikala, Greece
2017-07-15 Longfield Suite, Prestwich, United Kingdom
2017-07-28 Club Fest, Belgrade, Serbia
2017-07-29 Cinemas Sloga, Sarajevo, Bosnia
2017-07-30 OKC Abrasevic, Mostar, Bosnia
2017-08-05 Oxrox Alive, Oxford, United Kingdom
2017-08-09 Sellersville Theater, Sellersville, PA, USA
2017-08-10 Saint Vitus, Brooklyn, NY, USA
2017-08-11 The Chance, Poughkeepsie, NY, USA
2017-08-13 Fish Head Cantina, Baltimore, MD, USA
2017-08-15 Sharkey’s, Syracuse, NY, USA
2017-08-16 Piranha Bar, Montreal, QC, Canada
2017-08-17 Brass Monkey, Ottawa, ON, Canada
2017-08-18 L’Anti, Quebec, QC, Canada
2017-08-19 Rockpile, Toronto, ON, Canada
2017-08-20 East Side Bar and Grill, London, ON, Canada
2017-08-21 Token Lounge, Detroit, MI, USA
2017-08-24 Al Rosa Villa, Columbus, OH, USA
2017-08-25 Backbar, Janesville, WI, USA
2017-08-26 Tailgators, Bolingbrook, IL, USA
2017-08-27 Fubar, St. Louis, MO, USA
2017-08-30 Rail Club, Ft. Worth, TX, USA
2017-08-31 Come and Get it Live, Austin, TX, USA
2017-09-02 Rockbox, San Antonio, TX, USA
2017-09-04 Whisky A Go Go, Hollywood, CA, USA
2017-09-06 Mystic Theater, Petaluma, CA, USA
2017-09-08 Bossanova Ballroom, Portland, OR, USA
2017-09-09 TBC, Seattle, WA, USA
2017-09-16 Poppodium Volt, Sittard, Netherlands
2017-09-17 Pitcher, Düsseldorf, Germany
2017-09-19 le FACE OFF, Briançon, France
2017-09-20 Il Maglio, Turin, Italy
2017-09-22 Escape Metalcorner, Vienna, Austria
2017-09-23 Rock Club TARTAROS, Banská Bystrica, Slovakia
2017-09-28 M/S Harmony, Helsingborg, Sweden
2017-09-29 Folkets Park, Huskvarna, Sweden (2 shows one day)
2017-09-30 Folkets Park, Huskvarna, Sweden (3 shows one day)

2018: The Redemption Of William Black Tour

2018-02-28 Ivory Blacks, Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom
2018-03-01 Trillians, Newcastle, United Kingdom
2018-03-02 Yardbirds, Grimsby, United Kingdom
2018-03-03 Underworld, London, United Kingdom
2018-03-04 Robin 2, Bilston, United Kingdom
2018-03-08 Embers, Carlisle, United Kingdom
2018-03-09 Club Academy, Manchester, United Kingdom
2018-03-16 Hammerfest, Pwllheli, United Kingdom
2018-03-24 Salle Du Millenium, Mametz, France
2018-03-25 Café Elpee, Deinze, Belgium
2018-03-29 Spirit of 66, Verviers, Belgium
2018-03-30 Gebr De Nobel, Leiden, Netherlands
2018-03-31 Kulturrampe, Krefeld, Germany
2018-04-01 Vortex, Siegen, Germany
2018-04-02 Café De Meister, Geleen, Netherlands
2018-04-05 Blue Devils, Orleans, France
2018-04-06 Rock & Eat, Lyon, France
2018-04-07 Jas’Rod, Marseille, France
2018-04-10 Razzmatazz 3, Barcelona, Spain
2018-04-11 Club Utopia, Zaragoza, Spain
2018-04-12 Club 16 Toneladas, Valencia, Spain
2018-04-13 Tartufo, Madrid, Spain
2018-04-14 Paris 15, Malaga, Spain
2018-04-15 Club Barroco, Caceres, Spain
2018-04-20 Manoir Pub, St. Maurice, Switzerland
2018-04-21 Sonnenkeller, Balingen, Germany
2018-04-22 Rockbar, Konstanz, Germany
2018-04-25 Rock Café, Bratislava, Slovakia
2018-04-26 Viper Room, Vienna, Austria
2018-04-27 Melodka, Brno, Czech Republic
2018-04-28 Serikovka, Pilsen, Czech Republic
2018-05-03 Underground, Tychy, Poland
2018-05-04 Labirynt Klub, Stalowa Wola, Poland
2018-05-05 Semafor, Skarzysko, Poland
2018-05-06 Graffiti Klub, Lublin, Poland
2018-05-08 Klubas Lemmy, Kaunas, Lithuania
2018-05-10 On The Rocks, Helsinki, Finland
2018-05-12 Bar Krouvi, Mantyharju, Finland
2018-05-13 Bar Krouvi, Mantyharju, Finland
2018-05-18 Oak Metal Club, Fosser, Norway
2018-05-19 Klubb Dissonans, Jonkoping, Sweden
2018-05-25 Chez Paulette, Nancy, France
2018-05-26 Chez Paulette, Nancy, France
2018-06-02 Ebbw Vale Institute, Ebbw Vale, Wales, United Kingdom
2018-06-08 Pitcher, Düsseldorf, Germany
2018-06-09 Biebob, Vosselaar, Belgium
2018-06-19 le FACE OFF, Briançon, France
2018-06-20 Il Maglio, Turin, Italy
2018-06-21 Bros Valhalla Rising, Borgo Ticino, Italy
2018-06-22 Civico 8, Piove di Sacco, Italy
2018-06-23 LOFT, Trieste, Italy
2018-07-28 Camelot Park, Nicosia, Cyprus
2018-08-18 Sabaton Open Air, Lugnet, Falun, Sweden
2018-08-24 Festa Bikers, Zona Industriale, Cologno al Serio, Italy
2018-08-29 Eleven, Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom
2018-08-31 The Cobblestones, Bridgwater, United Kingdom
2018-09-02 Waterloo Music Bar (Waterloo Hotel), Blackpool, United Kingdom
2018-09-06 Music-Hall Weiher, Mörlenbach, Germany
2018-09-07 Come Inn, Renchen, Germany
2018-09-13 Rider’s Cafe, Lübeck, Germany
2018-09-29 The Diamond Rock Club, Ballymena, Northern Ireland
2018-11-01 Le Biplan, Lille, France
2018-11-24 Gwarek, Kraków, Poland
2018-12-02 Ex Jarawa, Arequipa, Peru
2018-12-03 Centro de Convenciones Festiva, Lima, Peru
2018-12-05 Sala García Lorca de la Manzana de la Rivera, Asunción, Paraguay
2018-12-08 Bar da Montanha, Limeira, Brazil
2018-12-09 Espaço 555, São Paulo, Brazil

2019: World Tour

2019-01-10 Underground Black PUB, Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil
2019-01-11 Toinha Brasil Show, Brasília, DF, Brazil
2019-01-12 Manifesto Bar, São Paulo, SP, Brazil
2019-01-15 Salon Liberty, La Paz, Bolivia
2019-01-17 Club Subterraneo, Santiago, Chile
2019-01-18 Golden Rockbar, Rancagua, Chile
2019-01-19 Blumer House, Coquimbo, Chile
2019-01-20 Barra Bass Bar Cervecería, Puerto Montt, Chile
2019-01-21 Jaggers Chile, Viña del mar, Chile
2019-01-22 El Dislocador, Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentina
2019-01-23 El Sotano Bar, Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentina
2019-01-24 Mvseo Rock, Buenos Aires, Argentina
2019-01-25 Centro de Convenciones Festiva, Lima, Peru
2019-01-26 Rock Son Satélite, Estado de México, Mexico
2019-01-27 Sports Bar Corona, Tampico, Mexico
2019-03-01 Gebr de Nobel, Leiden, Netherlands
2019-03-02 Musiktheater Piano, Dortmund, Germany
2019-03-03 ELPEE Café, Deinze, Belgium
2019-03-06 Nuke Club, Berlin, Germany
2019-03-07 Bambi Galore, Hamburg, Germany
2019-03-08 Vortex Surfer Musikclub, Siegen, Germany
2019-03-09 Sonnenkeller, Balingen, Germany
2019-03-10 Backstage Rockcafe Konstanz, Konstanz, Germany
2019-03-11 Backstage, München, Germany
2019-03-12 Viper Room Vienna, Vienna, Austria
2019-03-13 ROCK CAFE, Bratislava, Slovakia
2019-03-15 Spirit of 66, Verviers, Belgium
2019-03-16 Le Petit Bain, Paris, France
2019-03-28 The Robin 2, Bilston, United Kingdom
2019-03-30 Corporation, Sheffield, United Kingdom
2019-04-04 The Victoria, Swindon, United Kingdom
2019-04-05 Hangar 18 Music Venue, Swansea, United Kingdom
2019-04-06 The 1865, Southampton, United Kingdom
2019-04-10 Ivory Blacks, Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom
2019-04-11 rillians, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom
2019-04-12 Yardbirds Rock, Grimsby, United Kingdom
2019-04-13 Manchester Academy, Manchester, United Kingdom
2019-04-26 The Rail, Smithtown, NY, USA
2019-04-27 Debonair Music Hall, Teaneck, NJ, USA
2019-04-28 Blackthorn 51, New York, NY, USA
2019-04-29 McStew’s Irish Pub, Levittown, PA, USA
2019-05-02 Whisky A Go-Go, West Hollywood, CA, USA
2019-05-04 The Empire Concert Club & Bar, Akron, OH, USA
2019-05-05 The Tiger Room, Louisville, KY, USA
2019-05-07 Rock Country MKE, Milwaukee, WI, USA
2019-05-08 Brauer House Lombard, Lombard, IL, USA
2019-05-09 The Token Lounge, Detroit, MI, USA
2019-05-10 The Rockpile, Toronto, ON, Canada
2019-05-11 L’Anti Bar & Spectacles, Quebec, QC, Canada
2019-05-12 Piranha Bar, Montreal, QC, Canada
2019-05-14 The Chop Shop Pub & Grub, Seabrook, NH, USA
2019-05-16 Sharkey’s Bar & Grill, Liverpool, NY, USA
2019-06-06 Sweden Rock Festival, Sölvesborg, Sweden
2019-08-08 Schulweg 2, Bern, Switzerland
2019-08-23 The Tivoli Venue, Buckley, United Kingdom
2019-08-24 Eleven, Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom
2019-08-25 Waterloo Pub Blackpool, Blackpool, United Kingdom
2019-08-29 The Junction, Plymouth, United Kingdom
2019-08-30 The Cobblestones, Bridgwater, United Kingdom
2019-08-31 The Underworld Camden, London, United Kingdom
2019-09-12 Café de Meister, Geleen, Netherlands
2019-09-13 7er Club Mannheim, Mannheim, Germany
2019-09-15 Come Inn Renchen, Renchen, Germany
2019-09-16 Backstage Rockcafe Konstanz, Konstanz, Germany
2019-09-19 MTS LP’s CD’s, Oldenburg, Germany
2019-09-20 B.C. Osnabrück, Osnabrück, Germany
2019-09-21 Kulturrampe Krefeld, Krefeld, Germany
2019-09-22 Kulturrampe Krefeld, Krefeld, Germany
2019-09-26 Klub Graffiti, Lublin, Poland
2019-09-27 Underground Pub, Tychy, Poland
2019-09-29 Melodka, Brno, Czech Republic
2019-10-02 Blue Devils Orléans, Orléans, France
2019-10-03 ROCK N EAT, Lyon, France
2019-10-05 Longvic, Dijon, France
2019-11-07 Jeugdhuis Asgaard, Gent, Belgium
2019-11-08 Rockcafe Backstage, Nijmegen, Netherlands
2019-11-09 Rock’n’Roll Headquarter Düsseldorf, Düsseldorf, Germany
2019-12-02 Factory Live Area & Club Culture, Kateríni, Greece
2019-12-03 Komotini Club, Komotiní, Greece
2019-12-04 8Ball Club Thessaloniki, Thessaloníki, Greece
2019-12-05 Blues Bar Karditsa, Karditsa, Greece
2019-12-06 Music Stage Polychoros Agora, Ioánnina, Greece
2019-12-07 Temple Athens, Athens, Greece

2020: World Tour (Some dates may have been canceled due to Covid-19)

2020-01-16 Kubrick, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2020-01-17 Underground Pub, Belo Horizonte, Brazil
2020-01-18 Toinha Rock Show, Brasilia, Brazil
2020-01-19 Cativeiro Bar, Londrina, Brazil
2020-01-23 Bar da Montanha, Limeira L, Brazil
2020-01-24 Correria Bar, Vila Velha, Brazil
2020-01-25 Wox Club, Pomerode, Brazil
2020-01-26 Manifesto Bar, Sao Paulo, Brazil
2020-03-07 Burr Fest, London, United Kingdom
2020-06-20 Der Detze Rockt Festival, Daun, Germany
2020-07-09 Metal Magic Festival, Fredericia, Denmark
2020-07-10 Dong Open Air, Neukirchen-Vluyn, Germany
2020-07-15 Bang Your Head Festival, Balingen, Germany
2020-08-29 Stonedead Festival, Newark, United Kingdom
2020-09-06 Enigma Rock, Dulovo, Bulgaria
2020-09-11 Gebr De Nobel, Leiden, Netherlands
2020-09-12 Musik Theater Piano, Dortmund, Germany
2020-09-13 South Of Heaven, Bilzen, Belgium
2020-09-15 Nuke Club, Berlin, Germany
2020-09-16 Bambi Galore, Hamburg, Germany
2020-09-17 MTS, Oldenburg, Germany
2020-09-18 Vortex, Siegen, Germany
2020-09-19 Sonnenkeller, Balingen, Germany
2020-09-20 Backstage, Munich, Germany
2020-09-23 Viper Room, Vienna, Austria
2020-09-24 Rock Cafe, Bratislava, Slovakia
2020-09-25 Melodka, Brno, Czech Republic
2020-09-26 Zascianek Club, Krakow, Poland
2020-10-02 On The Rocks, Helsinki, Finland
2020-10-03 Krouvi, Mantyharju, Finland
2020-10-04 Krouvi, Mantyharju, Finland
2020-10-07 Pub Anchor, Stockholm, Sweden
2020-10-08 Bomber Bar, Molata, Sweden
2020-10-09 Brucket, Varberg, Sweden
2020-10-10 High Voltage, Copenhagen, Denmark
2020-10-17 Diamond Rock Club, Ballymena, United Kingdom
2020-11-19 Junction, Plymouth, United Kingdom
2020-11-20 Cobblestones, Bridgwater, United Kingdom
2020-11-21 Hangar 18, Swansea, United Kingdom
2020-11-22 Robin, Bilston, United Kingdom
2020-11-25 Ivory Blacks, Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom
2020-11-26 Trillians, Newcastle, United Kingdom
2020-11-27 Yardbirds, Grimsby, United Kingdom
2020-11-28 Academy, Manchester, United Kingdom

Tour Dates 2021:

2021-02-13 Hammerfest, Birmingham, United Kingdom
2021-06-06 Enigma Rock, Dulovo, Italy
2021-06-19 Der Detze Rockt Festival, Daun, Germany
2021-07-08 Metal Magic Festival, Fredericia, Switzerland
2021-07-14 Bang Your Head Festival, Balingen, Germany
2021-07-30 Rock The Beacon Festival, Walsall, United Kingdom
2021-08-28 Stonedead Festival, Newark, United Kingdom

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