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  1. HerzeleidMeister

    Testament - 2019-06-23 Hellfest, Val Des Moine, Clisson, France

    SETLIST: Brotherhood of the Snake The Pale King More Than Meets the Eye Practice What You Preach The New Order Electric Crown Happy Birthday Chuck Into the Pit Over the Wall Disciples of the Watch The Formation of Damnation
  2. HerzeleidMeister

    Rage Against The Machine - 1993-03-29 Civic Center, St. Paul, MN, USA

    SETLIST: 01 Bombtrack 02 Know Your Enemy 03 Take The Power Back 04 People Of The Sun 05 Killing In The Name 06 Bullet In The Head 07 Freedom 08 Township Rebellion
  3. HerzeleidMeister

    Opeth - 2005-09-23 Tavastia, Helsinki, Finland

    SETLIST: Intro The Baying Of The Hounds When Deliverance In My Time Of Need (cut) To Rid The Disease The Grand Conjuration (cut) Face Of Melinda (cut) Blackwater Park (cut)
  4. HerzeleidMeister

    Nile - 2011-02-26 Mulen ružas Club, Vilnius, Lithuania

    SETLIST: 1. Intro 2. Kafir! 3. Sacrifice Unto Sebek 4. Hittite Dung Incantation 5. Serpent Headed Mask 6. Ithyphallic 7. Those Whom The Gods Detest 8. The 4th Arra Of Dagon 9. Sarcophagus 10. Lashed To The Slave Stick 11. Black Seeds Of Vengeance Bonus: 12. Interview with...
  5. HerzeleidMeister

    Nightwish - 2002-07-20 Credicard Hall, São Paulo, Brazil

    SETLIST: CD 1: 1 - Presentation 2 - Intro 3 - Bless the Child 4 - End of All Hope 5 - Come Cover Me 6 - The Kinslayer 7 - Dead to the World 8 - Deep Silent Complete 9 - 10th Man Down 10 - Crazy Train CD 2: 1 - Sacrament of Wilderness 2 - Slaying the Dreamer 3 - Beauty of the Beast 4 - Over the...
  6. HerzeleidMeister

    Nightwish - 2001-08-24 DK Gorbunova, Moscow, Russia

    SETLIST: 1. Intro 2. The Kinslayer 3. She Is My Sin 4. Tenth man Down 5. Elvenpath 6. Fantasmic (part 3) 7. Over the Hills and Far Away 8. Come Cover Me 9. Deep Silent Complete 10. Sleeping Sun 11. Sacrement of Wilderness 12. Waiting for the Curtain Call 13. Walking in the Air 14. Wishmaster...
  7. HerzeleidMeister

    Nightwish - 1999-12-06 Offenbach, Germany

    SETLIST: 01 - Intro Passion and the Opera 02 - Stargazers 03 - Gethsemane 04 - Walking in the Air 05 - Sacrament of Wilderness 06 - Know Why the Nightingale Sings 07 - The Pharaoh Sails to Orion 08 - Devil and the Deep Dark Ocean
  8. HerzeleidMeister

    Battle Beast - 2018-05-04 City National Civic Arena, San Jose, CA, USA

    SETLIST: 01. Bastard Son of Odin (cuts in) 02. King For a Day 03. Beyond the Burning Skies 04. Outro
  9. HerzeleidMeister

    Arch Enemy - 2003-06-15 Fields of Rock Festival, Goffertpark, Nijmegen, Netherlands

    SETLIST: 01. Burning Angel (fade in) 02. We Will Rise 03. The Immortal 04. Lament Of A Mortal Soul 05. Behind The Smile 06. Dead Bury Their Dead 07. Dark Insanity 08. Ravenous
  10. HerzeleidMeister

    Testament - 2015-04-25 Rockville Festival, Jacksonville, FL, USA

    SETLIST: 01. Intro 02. Over The Wall 03. The Preacher 04. Burnt Offerings 05. Do Or Die 06. First Strike Is Deadly 07. A Day Of Reckoning
  11. HerzeleidMeister

    In Flames - 2004-06-03 Cologne, Germany

    SETLIST: 1. Pinball Map 2. System 3. Episode 666 4. Cloud Connected 5. Clayman 6. Only For The Weak 7. Trigger 8. The Quiet Place 9. Colony 10. My Sweet Shadow
  12. HerzeleidMeister

    Edguy - 2004-01-21 Cologne, Germany

    SETLIST: 1. Tears Of A Mandrake 2. Fallen Angels 3. Lavatory Love Machine 4. Painting On The Wall 5. Land Of The Miracle 6. King Of Fools 7. Save Us Now 8. Scarlet Rose 9. Avantasia 10 Out Of Control
  13. HerzeleidMeister

    Megadeth - 1992-10-13 Sentrum Scene, Oslo, Norway

    Setlist: Disc 1 Holy Wars... The Punishment Due Skin o' My Teeth Wake Up Dead Hangar 18 Countdown to Extinction Foreclosure of a Dream Lucretia Sweating Bullets In My Darkest Hour Disc 2 The Conjuring Tornado of Souls Ashes in Your Mouth Symphony of Destruction Peace Sells Anarchy in the...
  14. HerzeleidMeister

    Abbath - 2016-01-23 O2 Forum, London, UK

    Setlist: 01 To War! 02 Winterbane 03 Nebular Ravens Winter 04 Warriors 05 Ashes Of The Damned 06 Fenrir Hunts 07 Tyrants 08 One By One 09 Count The Dead 10 Root Of The Mountain 11 All Shall Fall 12 Endless
  15. HerzeleidMeister

    Gamma Ray - 2005-11-24 Hard Rock Cafe', Mexico City, Mexico

    Setlist: CD 1: Welcome Gardens Of The Sinner Heaven Can Wait My Temple Fight Blood Religion Heavy Metal Universe Drum Solo Beyond The Black Hole New World Order CD 2: The Silence Rebellion In Dreamland Part 1 Land Of The Free Valley Of The Kings Somewhere Out In Space Rebellion In Dreamland...
  16. HerzeleidMeister

    Gamma Ray - 1996-05-16 Club Citta', Kawasaki, Japan

    Setlist: CD 1: Welcome / Land Of The Free Man On A Mission Rebellion In Dreamland One With The World Heaven Can Wait The Savior Abyss Of The World Time To Break Free The Silence Dream Healer Heal Me CD 2: Future World Fairytale / Tribute To The Past Ride The Sky Heading For Tomorrow /...
  17. HerzeleidMeister

    Primal Fear - 2004-06-12 Olympia, Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil

    Setlilst: CD 1: Devil's Ground Angel In Black Chainbreaker Suicide And Mania Running In The Dust Vision Of Fate Nuclear Fire The Healer Battalions Of Hate Randal Black's Solo Under Your Spell CD 2: Silver And Gold Metal Is Forever Band Introduction Final Embrace Tears Of Rage Heart Of A...
  18. HerzeleidMeister

    Kreator - 2005-05-29 Mystic Festival, Chorzow, Poland

    Setlist: Choir Of The Damned Enemy Of God Impossible Brutality Pleasure To Kill Phobia Violent Revolution World Anarchy Suicide Terrorist Extreme Aggression People Of The Lie Terrible Certainty Betrayer
  19. HerzeleidMeister

    Primal Fear - 2005-05-29 Mystic Festival, Chorzow, Poland

    Setlist: Intro Final Embrace Battalions Of Hate Suicide And Mania Angel In Black Running In The Dust Nuclear Fire Metal Is Forever
  20. HerzeleidMeister

    Primal Fear - 2005-02-25 Atarfe Vega Rock Festival, Granada, Spain

    Setlist: Intro Final Embrace Battalions Of Hate Angel In Black Running In The Dust Chainbreaker Suicide And Mania Nuclear Fire Metal Gods (Judas Priest Cover) Armageddon Metal Is Forever
  21. HerzeleidMeister

    Kreator - 2007-03-14 Rio's, Bradford, UK

    Setlist: The Patriarch Violent Revolution Pleasure To Kill Enemy Of God People Of The Lie Suicide Terrorist Extreme Aggression Phobia Betrayer Voices Of The Dead Reconquering The Throne Flag Of Hate Tormentor
  22. HerzeleidMeister

    Kreator - 2000-02-22 Zeleste II, Barcelona, Spain

    Setlist: Golden Age Phobia Chosen Few Everlasting Flame Lost Leave This World Behind Passage To Babylon Choir Of The Damned Pleasure To Kill People Of The Lie Black Sunrise Willing Spirit Extreme Aggression Renewal Endorama Tormentor
  23. HerzeleidMeister

    Kreator - 1991-07-06 Arena Adolfo Lopez Mateos, Tlanepantha, Mexico

    Setlist: The Pestilence Betrayer Extreme Aggression Terrible Certainty When The Sun Burns Red Under The Guillotine People Of The Lie Some Pain Will Last Toxic Trace Riot Of Violence Terror Zone Coma Of Souls Flag Of Hate Tormentor
  24. HerzeleidMeister

    Kreator - 1995-11-12 Longhorn, Stuttgart, Germany

    Setlist: Intro Prevail Extreme Aggression Renewal Hate Inside Your Head Isolation Pleasure To Kill Some Pain Will Last Crisis Of Disorder Terrible Certainty People Of The Lie Europe After The Rain Lost Coma Of Souls Catholic Despot State Oppression Tormentor
  25. HerzeleidMeister

    Kreator - 2000-03-05 DK Gorbunova, Moscow, Russia

    Setlist: Golden Age Phobia Chosen Few Everlasting Flame Lost Leave This World Behind Passage To Babylon Pleasure To Kill People Of The Lie Black Sunrise Willing Spirit Extreme Aggression Renewal Endorama Flag Of Hate Tormentor

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