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frequency analysis

  1. HerzeleidMeister

    How Can I Tell If An Audio Show Is MP3 Sourced?

    You have gotten your frequency analysis using THIS tutorial, now what? Now you determine if your show is lossless or a lossy source. TIPS TO KEEP IN MIND: Lossless usually will not have any significant drops in the graph. There are some circumstances where it may have a slight drop or look...
  2. HerzeleidMeister

    How To Crop, Edit & Save Your Analysis Screen Shots With MS Paint

    Cropping & Editing A Screen Shot In MS Paint For this tutorial I will be using MS Paint. MS Paint is a built in piece of software that usually comes standard with any Windows install. If you do not have MS Paint installed and are running a Windows box go HERE & grab it! There are alternatives...
  3. HerzeleidMeister

    How To Create A Frequency Analysis Using HAT (Hub Audio Tools)

    Possibly the easiest way to create a frequency analysis is using the HAT software. Although you cannot download it from that page, you can get good information on what it is used for and how to use it. For your convenience I have a download of this tool HERE. NOTE: The HAT tool is severely...

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