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Metal Bootlegs News

Metal Bootlegs News

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Metal Bootlegs News - June 3, 2021

News: June 3, 2021 (Lots To Cover)

Ok folks, I'll actually be doing the news once a month as its pretty hard to keep up with on a weekly basis. :(

I've been taking notes through out the month of May so that I could remember the site changes and information I wanted to convey to you guys & gals.

MAY 2021 NEWS:

1. FIXED EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS: As reported by @theclansmen the emails when you got them was missing some stuff and they looked off. This was due to some CSS code that needed to be defined. So this month I went through and defined that code and got those emails looking nice.

2. EMAIL HOSTS BAN: In May I had no choice but to temporarily ban hotmail, outlook & free.fr email hosts. So if you are wondering why you never get emails from this site, this maybe why. Recently there also seems to be other email hosts who are doing the same thing. I believe this is due to my host. I've done some research and found out that the host I'm using has this problem on many XenForo forums. I have contacted the host but they were about as helpful as tits on a nun. With this being said I'll be looking for a new host for just this site (as my other sites seems fine....go figure). I'll probably be moving this site to a VPS host if I can, if not I'll do the best I can. I do not know when this will happen as I have to find out how much it will cost to get new hosting. If you guys have any cheap VPS hosting solutions I'm all ears... » READ MORE...
Metal Bootlegs News - May 13, 2021

News: May 13, 2021 (New Add-Ons & Site Updates)


From now on I'll be posting the website news in this manner. I'm doing a tad bit of rearranging on the news tab. This gives you guys & gals a chance to make comments on the news if you like! :) I'll also be having a news item at least once a week giving a weekly update if all goes well and I have the time.

You can access the site news still through the tab at the top menu or just simply click on the new thread in the latest posts widget in the sidebar. If you wish to see old news I've created a News Archive.


NEW SHOUTBOX: I uninstalled the old shout/chat box and installed a new one. The old one did not function to the specs the developer put on the add-on information and they refused to fix it saying I should do it myself. So I did! I went and purchased a shoutbox from a reputable developer that ACTUALLY works! The old shoutbox was "supposed" to allow members to edit & delete shouts and the staff was supposed to be allowed to edit, delete, clear, ban and so on... » READ MORE...

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