How To Create A Checksum In 6 Easy Steps

Create A Checksum Screen 8

Create A Checksum Introduction

There are certain instances where you will need to create a checksum for a show.

  • Some torrent sites such as DIME & Trader’s Den require that you create a checksum file for anything that you torrent.
  • When you trade a show, it’s a good practice to create a checksum so that the other trader can verify the files.
  • When storing your shows you may want to create checksums if they are not present to ensure the shows are complete & not corrupted in any way.

Steps To Create Your Checksums

The .md5 checksum file has a blue icon as shown below. You will need Trader’s Little Helper installed & set up to create a checksum.

Create A Checksum |


  • Open Trader’s Little Helper and click “Checksum” on the top to reveal the menu. Choose “Create checksum file“.

Create A Checksum Screen 2


  • Click the “Browse” button to the far right and navigate to the directory your show is located in. Choose the actual directory your show resides in. Don’t choose a directory below or above it. If you are creating a checksum for a DVD or Blu-Ray choose the main directory your show is in so that you can include all the files in the checksum.

Create A Checksum Screen 3


  • Click the “Add” button. It should be highlighted after you navigate to the directory.

Create A Checksum Screen 4


  • STEP 4A: Make sure that you have ticked all the boxes under the “Files of type” drop down menu.
  • STEP 4B: Click the “Select All” button to select all the files in the directory.
  • STEP 4C: Click the “Add” button to add those files to the right hand panel.

Create A Checksum Screen 5


  • Once the files are added to the right hand side, click the “OK” button.

Create A Checksum Screen 6


  • STEP 6A: Make sure that .md5 is selected in the drop down.
  • STEP 6B: Click the “Create” button just below that drop down.
  • STEP 6C: Click the “Save” button to save the .md5 checksum file inside your show directory.

Create A Checksum Screen 7
Make sure that you save the file in the exact same directory that you first opened. EXAMPLE: The directory name we just worked in is Iron Maiden – 1988-04-29 Empire, Koln, DEU. From the screen shot below you can see where the checksum file is within that directory.

Create A Checksum Screen 8

If you have any questions or need any help feel free to comment below! I’ll do my best to answer your questions!

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