Type O Negative Detroit 2009 Setlist (Audio)

Type O Negative Detroit 2009 Setlist - Show Poster

Type O Negative Detroit 2009 Setlist

Band: Type O Negative
Date: 2009-10-31
Venue: Harpo’s
City: Detroit
State: Michigan
Country: USA

Taper: gladcarrot
Size: 238MB
Format: FLAC
Source: AUD
Duration: 81 mins.

Submitted By: HerzeleidMeister

Submitter’s Notes: This, unfortunately was the last show that Type O Negative did with Peter Steele. He sadly passed away not too long after this show.


Pre-show Intro
Dead Again
In Praise Of Bacchus
Nativity In Black (Black Sabbath cover)
“Happy Halloween Detroit!”
Halloween in Heaven
Profit Of Doom
Love You To Death
Wolf Moon
World Coming Down
Christian Woman
Encore Break
Black No. 1

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Taper’s Notes: Chills went down my spine when I was informed I taped the last Type O Negative show. Unfortunately, the sound at Harpo’s was awful this night and the vocals are hard to hear.

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Type O Negative Detroit 2009 Setlist - Taper's Ticket

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Type O Negative Detroit 2009 Setlist - Show Poster

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