Queensryche Worcester 1991 Setlist (Audio)

Queensryche Worcester 1991 Setlist

Queensryche Worcester 1991 Setlist

Band: Queensryche
Date: 1991-07-27
Venue: The Centrum
City: Worcester, Massachusetts
Country: USA

Taper/Version: Unknown
File Size: 755.1MB
Format: FLAC
Source: AUD
Length: 117 mins

Submitted By: HerzeleidMeister


Disc 01:

01. Intro -> Resistance
02. Walk In The Shadows
03. Best I Can
04. Empire
05. The Thin Line
06. Jet City Woman
07. Roads To Madness
08. I Remember Now -> Anarchy X -> Revolution Calling
09. Operation: Mindcrime
10. Speak
11. Spreading the Disease
12. The Mission
13. Suite Sister Mary

Disc 02:

01. The Needle Lies
02. Electric Requiem -> Breaking The Silence
03. I Don’t Believe In Love
04. Waiting For 22 -> My Empty Room -> Eyes Of A Stranger
05. Last Time In Paris
06. Silent Lucidity

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