Accept Live In Brussels 1986

Accept Live In Brussels 1986

Accept Live In Brussels 1986

Band: Accept
Date: 1986-04-07
Venue: Forest National
City: Brussels
Country: Belgium

Filmer: Unknown
Source: AUD
Format: DVD5
File Size: 3.27GB
Duration: 93 mins.

Lineage: Unknown


T.V. War
Living for Tonite
London Leatherboys
Wrong Is Right
Princess of the Dawn
Heaven Is Hell
Guitar Solo
Restless and Wild
Son of a Bitch
Love Child
Up to the Limit
Metal Heart
Russian Roulette
Fast as a Shark
Balls to the Wall

*According to

Notes: I’m not sure how accurate the setlist above is as I’m not familiar with all Accept songs. But its there to give you a basic idea. If anyone can confirm this setlist please leave a comment.

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