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You may find that some bootleg traders also collect metal bootleg covers. It’s kinda a side line from collecting shows. Here at Metal Bootlegs I try to present as many covers as I can. That is where you guys come in. I need good, quality covers uploaded so that I can add them to the site. So if you have one cover or many covers you can use this form to upload them.

What I Want In Submissions

  • Covers must be of metal bands. Please do not submit pop, hard rock, rock, etc. For a list of genres accepted and bands not allowed please visit my “What’s Allowed?” post.
  • Covers must be in png or jpg format ONLY.
  • If you are uploading more than one cover please put all the covers into a zip file and upload one file.
  • Individual cover submissions are limited to 5MB. If you have a zip file with a ton of covers and it exceeds 5MB please email me directly with it.
  • Covers cannot be any smaller than 400px in size.
  • Please do not duplicate covers already found on the site. Do a site search before submitting your covers.
  • If you have different covers for the same show, by all means please upload it.
  • Please do not submit cover groups. Meaning its one image file and it has the front, back & disc in that one file. Those look like shit and are difficult to print & get right.
  • Audio covers MUST have a front & back cover.

If you have any questions or problems submitting covers please don’t hesitate to contact me!

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