Bad Traders / Good Traders: Bootleg Terms

Bad Traders / Good Traders: Bootleg Terms

This one will most likely be pretty well obvious to most traders, but just in case there are some noobs out there that do not understand the concept here goes.


Good traders are those people who you have a smooth or semi-smooth trade with. You contact each other and every thing goes fine, there are no issues with the trade or the shows you received.


Bad traders are those that do not complete the trade for what ever reason. Sometimes there are things beyond ones control, those people I personally would not list as a bad trader if the trade went sour.

An example would be:

You are involved in a trade with John for 5 shows. You do not hear back from John for a couple of days after you uploaded & gave him the links to download the shows. You contact John and he gets back to you telling you that he is sorry, but he has not uploaded your shows yet because someone in his family died.

As long as John completed the trade when he was able to, I would not consider him a bad trader. But, if I never got anything from John, he would go on the bad trader’s list at least until he held up his end of the bargain.

A slow trader is usually not considered a bad trader either. Some people are just slow because they have 20 kids, 3 jobs and 4 wives! Yeah, well you get the point anyways. Some people are slow because they are dealing with families, work and life in general.

Some examples of bad traders are:

  •  A seller. If you find out that someone is selling shows no matter how they do it, most traders would consider them a bad trader.
  • A rip-off artist! Again most traders would consider them a bad trader. By rip-off, I mean they never send you the shows, they keep giving you many excuses and in the end you never get the shows you asked for.

Some examples listed as bad traders, but in reality they are not:

  • You contact a trader named Ted. You send him your list and he emails you back and says he is not interested in a trade with you because he does not see anything on your list that he needs. I’ve seen traders list this person as a bad trader, they are not. They simply don’t want what shows you have or they are looking for something really specific at that time.
  • You set up a trade with Adam. Adam send you the shows you asked for but some of them are mp3 sourced. You do not collect mp3 sourced shows so you contact Adam and tell him that you want to replace the mp3 shows with lossless shows from his list. He agrees and sends you the lossless shows you ask for. The rest of the trade goes smoothly. I, personally would not consider this a bad trade if the other shows are true lossless shows. HOWEVER, if you contact Adam and tell him that you want replacements for the mp3 sourced shows and he tells you to fuck off or something similar, then he would go on the bad trader’s list.

If you have questions about what to consider a bad trader, please post it below!

HerzeleidMeister is a metal bootleg trader from Little Rock, Arkansas who has traded off and on for over 20 years. He enjoys sharing his knowledge & insights with other traders to help them with any trading hurdles they may have.

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