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Quick Blog Comment Information

It is my wish that all the visitors to this site have an informative & enjoyable experience. With this in mind there are a few Blog Comment Guidelines that must be followed. This page outlines what those guidelines are.

First & Foremost

Registration for this site has been disabled but I encourage everyone to post a comment on the blog. All comments are moderated meaning if you are an asshole don’t expect to see your comment in this lifetime. For information about privacy please read my Privacy Policy. If you follow the guidelines below your comment will be posted on the live site, if not it won’t.

Please note that all comments are first monitored by Askimet for spam.

Blog Comment Guidelines

  • Comments must be in English even if your English is Googled or not good, that is ok.
  • Comments may not be hate speech, discriminatory, bigoted, bullying, abusive, homophobic, racists, threatening or offensive.
  • Treat others with respect.
  • Links are allowed to trade websites & bootleg trade related information. Affiliate, spam, download links & links to purchase shit is not allowed.
  • DO NOT post your personal information in the comment box. To submit your comment you will need to enter your email in a separate field, but do not put your email, real name, address, phone number etc., inside your comment.
  • Absolutely NO SELLING BOOTLEGS IN THE COMMENTS! Do not offer to sell or buy bootlegs in the comments here.
  • Religious & Political troll posts will not be approved.
  • I reserve the right to make changes to these guidelines as I see fit without warning.

Last, But Not Least

If you have any questions about the comments please feel free to contact me!