Blaze Bayley

Blaze Bayley Band Bio |

Blaze Bayley Band Bio

Genre: Heavy Metal
Formed In: 1999 (Solo)
Originated: Birmingham, England
Status: Active
Years Active: 1999-Present


Blaze Bayley – Lead Vocals
Chris Appleton – Backing Vocals/Guitar
Karl Schramm – Backing Vocals/Bass
Martin McNee – Drums


Silicon Messiah (2000)
Tenth Dimension (2002)
Blood & Belief (2004)
The Man Who Would Not Die (2008)
Promise and Terror (2010)
The King of Metal (2012)
Infinite Entanglement (2016)
Endure and Survive – Infinite Entanglement Part II (2017)
The Redemption of William Black – Infinite Entanglement Part III (2018)
December Wind – Classical Acoustic with Thomas Zwijsen (2018)
Live in France (2019)
Live in Czech (2020)

Quick Facts:

Blaze Bayley began as the singer for a band called Wolfsbane in 1984 and went on to become the third front man for Iron Maiden in 1994 replacing then singer Bruce Dickinson. Many Iron Maiden fans have mixed emotions about Bayley’s performance with the band. Dickinson came back to the band in 1999 and Bayley’s solo career was born!

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