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Angra Band Bio

Genre: Power Metal
Formed In: 1991
Originated: Sao Paulo, Brazil
Status: Active
Years Active: 1991-1999/2001-2007/2007-2009/2009-Present


Rafael Bittencourt – Guitars/Keyboards/Backing Vocals
Felipe Andreoli – Bass/Keyboards/Backing Vocals
Fabio Lione – Lead Vocals
Bruno Valverde – Drums
Marcelo Barbosa – Guitars


Angels Cry (1993)
Holy Land (1996)
Holy Live (1997)
Fireworks (1998)
Rebirth (2001)
Rebirth World Tour – Live In Sao Paulo (2002)
Temple Of Shadows (2004)
Aurora Consurgens (2006)
Aqua (2010)
Best Reached Horizons (2012)
Angels Cry 20th Anniversary Tour (2013)
Secret Garden (2014)
Omni (2018)
On The Backs Of Angels (2018)

Quick Facts:

Angra was formed in 1991 by Santa Marcelina Music College students André Linhares, vocalist Andre Matos and guitarists Rafael Bittencourt. Over the years the band has been through numerous line-up changes & challenges.

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