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Genre: Symphonic Metal
Formed In: 1995
Originated: North Brabant, Netherlands
Status: Not Active
Years Active: 1995-2009


Floor Jansen – Lead Vocals
Sander Gommans – Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals/Screams
Bas Maas – Rhythm Guitar/Backing Vocals/Screams
Luuk van Gerven – Bass Guitar
André Borgman – Drums/Percussion
Joost van den Broek – Keyboards


Prison Of Desire (2000)
Decipher (2001)
Invisible Circles (2004)
Remagine (2005)
Mea Culpa (2006)
After Forever (2007)

Quick Facts:

Ties to Epica & Nightwish include the former rhythm guitarist Mark Jansen who started Epica in 2002 when he left the band & Floor Jansen who took over as the lead vocalists for Nightwish in 2013. This band, like many others also presented the Beauty & Beast type of vocal team.

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