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HerzeleidMeister is a metal bootleg trader from Little Rock, Arkansas who has traded off and on for over 20 years. He enjoys sharing his knowledge & insights with other traders to help them with any trading hurdles they may have.
Bad Traders / Good Traders: Bootleg Terms
AUD Sourced: Bootleg Terms
Helpful Tips For Completing A Snail Mail Trade: Bubble Mailers
How Can I Tell If A Show Is AUD Or SBD Sourced?
How Can I Tell If A Video Is AUD Or PRO?
How To Create A Frequency Analysis Using HAT Screen 10
How Can I Tell If An Audio Show Is Lossy Sourced? Screen 3
How To Download & Trade Through A Private Torrent
How To Tell If A Video Is YouTube Sourced?
Bruce Dickinson Tour Dates
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Helmet - 2019-11-09 1720, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Helmet - 1993-05-05 Troubadour, West Hollywood, CA, USA
Helmet - 2007-04-11 Cinespace, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Judas Priest - 2008-06-27 Graspop, Dessel, Belgium
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Helloween - 1986-06-07 Gelsenkirchen, Germany [FM]
DIO - 1985-10-31 Worcester, MA, USA
Aerosmith - 1984-12-31 Boston, MA, USA [FM]
Motley Crue - 1984-01-25 Uniondale, NY, USA
Iron Maiden - 1982-08-28 Reading, England